Fierce OOTD: Colorblock Me

Colorblock Shirt

Ever have those moments where you go in the store for one thing and come out with one (or a few!) things for yourself you didn’t intend on buying?  Yeah, that happens to me…a lot!  I could walk out with a eyeshadow palette (or five!) or a pair of earrings to add to my ever growing collection.  I never splurge or spend too much, but it’s kinda like my reward for being a responsible adult and running errands.  I mean, that makes sense right?

Black Pants

{Colorblock shirt: WalMart; Black trousers: New York and Co; Black Shoes: Payless}

I was heading out to have dinner with my little brother on his 22nd birthday.  I don’t get to see him often with him doing the whole “young adult” thing so I was excited and wanted to wear something fun.  This shirt came about after such a visit to Walmart for onesies and baby formula.  I like the colorblocking trend a lot and wanted to have something in my wardrobe that lets me rock it without thinking too hard about it.  The colors work great for spring as well as the summer and I don’t have anything orange in my closet.  I also love the fact that it’s comfortable and leaves room for the post-baby belly I’m working hard to get rid of.  Instead of going for my jeans, I brushed the dust off one of my beloved New York and Co. trousers.  Oh how I missed wearing them!

Beaded Necklace

{Beaded Necklace:  Blogger Swap; Plated Earrings: Forever 21}

I’ve had this big beaded necklace forever.  Despite the earthy colors I could never find the right outfit to wear it with.  I threw it on with the shirt and it finally works.  Normally I would go with small earrings when wearing such a big necklace but I broke my own rule, just for today.

And oh, I totally didn’t realize my bra strap was showing until editing the pictures.  Good thing it matches the outfit huh? LOL


8 thoughts on “Fierce OOTD: Colorblock Me

  1. Veshoevius says:

    LOL! Actually I thought the bright purple strap was part of the look and didn’t realise it was your bra strap till you mentioned it! Love the combo of red and pink together!

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