Fierce Hair How To: A Big (and Fabulous!) Natural Hair Style

natural hair

Ever since I stopped relaxing my hair 2 1/2 years ago, my goal was to grow my hair out as long and as big as possible.  After a little experimentation, I finally have the big, fluffy hair I’ve always wanted (*doing my happy dance!).  I love the fact that I can easily dress it up when I need to with nothing but a fancy scarf and super big earrings (and ya’ll know how I feel about earrings!)

This look is super easy to do and maintain, so I just had to share!  Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A leave in conditioner, like the Boosting Shine Leave in from Dr. Miracle’s Curl Care Line
  • Moisturizing Oil (using good old Olive Oil will do the trick!)
  • Heat Protectant, like Cantu Shea Butter’s Oil Sheen Spray
  • Hair Cream, like Motion’s Define My Curl’s Creme
  • A blow dryer
  • 3 hair ties
  • Satin Bonnet

All right ladies, here we go!

  1. Start with freshly washed and conditioned hair.  Towel dry it really well to get rid of all the excess water.
  2. Apply your leave in conditioner, moisturizing oil, and heat protectant.  No need to lay everything on really thick, just enough to cover your hair and keep it moisturized before drying.
  3. Divide your hair into four sections using your hair ties.
  4. Using medium heat, blow dry each section. The goal isn”t to get your curls bone straight, just as stretched and fluffy as possible.
  5. Now that our hair is dry, we need to give it a little definition! Section you hair again (medium sections this time ) and apply your hair cream. Then braid it up and when your done, throw on your satin bonnet.
  6. In the morning, unbraid each section and apply that hair cream again. Separate out those nice waves you have, fluff and go!
  7. For maintenance, repeat step 5 each night before bed. Doing that helped me maintain this hair for a week.

Your girl is loving this hair and I will be rocking it for awhile!


4 thoughts on “Fierce Hair How To: A Big (and Fabulous!) Natural Hair Style

  1. A Brit Greek says:

    First I want to congratulation you on the birth of your little gorgeous princess, she is absolutely adorable!!! I can only imagine how busy you are right now.

    I love that you’ve gone back to not relaxing your hair, it looks really good grown out! I’m the complete opposite, (poker straight black hair), so am always wishing my hair had curls, volume, you name it!

    • MJ says:

      Thank you so much girlie! Yes, life is kinda crazy but I love it though. :)

      My hair was super straight too when I relaxed it and I tried for years to get some kinda volume to it. That’s why I couldn’t go back to it. :)

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