Fierce OOTD: The New Normal



Squeezing in lunch, a shower, a run to the store, and a quick trip outside to take a few photos while the princess takes an hour or two nap during the day.  This is definitely the new normal for me.  I can no longer take my time doing much of anything these days, including standing in my closet trying to figure out what to wear.


{Pink Striped Top:  Walmart; Black Blazer: Thrifted; Jeggings: Target; Ballet Flats:  Famous Footwear}

Yes, despite the fact that I don’t really go out much these days, I still make an effort to get dressed every day. It lifts my mood, making me feel connected to my pre-mom self.  I wore this outfit today for a quick trip to Walmart, taking advantage of the weather to wear a blazer.  The temps have been absolutely gorgeous and for once, it kinda feels like Fall out here.  The striped shirt gives me a little bit of color while being comfy, which is what I definitely need these days lugging around the little one.  It’s also cotton, which means any baby related accidents on my clothes can be quickly taken care of (yeah you know the blazer came off as soon as I walked in the house! LOL)

Natural Hair

{Earrings:  Claire’s; Houndstooth Necklace: Forever 21}

It feels awesome to be back in my pre-preggo clothes.  It seems like I have a brand new wardrobe, with clothes I haven’t worn since January.  So yes, I will continue to play dress up and put outfits together almost everyday I’m home with the princess, even if I have no place to go!

Do you  just dress up for no reason at all?


8 thoughts on “Fierce OOTD: The New Normal

    • MJ says:

      It was amazing to finally be able to get out! Not used to being cooped up that long! So far, no real shedding (fingers crossed!)

  1. kirstinmarie says:

    I think you look great!!! Your hair looks AMAZING. I think you did a great job throwing this outfit together. This weather seriously is amazing. I can’t wait to see you next weekend!!!!!! I miss you TONS.

  2. THE-LOUDMOUTH says:

    Even though it didn’t take you long to choose this outfit, it looks great! Pink is my fave color, and the blazer + denim is such a classic combo! I also adore your hair. It sounds like you’re growing accustomed to the new lifestyle, which is wonderful!

  3. FASHION TALES says:

    Well, you look fabulous Miss MJ! I definitely get dressed everyday, even when I have an off day, because I work remotely quite a lot and getting dressed up makes me feel good! Love that blazer! -xx/M

    • MJ says:

      If I worked remotely I would do the same thing! Getting dressed does make you feel like a person, even if you aren’t going anywhere!

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