How to Streamline Your Beauty Routine

I tell you, life as a new mom is rewarding, tiring, and incredibly busy!  The days of being able to spend hours in front of the mirror doing my hair and makeup every day are long gone (and I don’t see them coming back any time soon!)  So your girl has to streamline. That goes for anyone who is a new mom, has a super demanding job, or otherwise doesn’t have much time on their hands but wants to look her best.  Though I’m on leave from the day job and spending most of this time right now at home with the baby, I still want to look like someone so I had to figure out a way to do that with the demands of a newborn.  Here are three tips I came up with:

Simplify your skincare regimen:  As an admitted product junkie I know how hard it is to not want to buy (and use) a ton of skincare products.  However, since I came home with the baby, I really had to sift through my stash and find those two products that do the job of getting my face clean and moisturized.  Honestly, you really need a good cleanser and moisturizer to use  on a daily basis, taking you just a few minutes to keep your skin looking good! I use the Deep Action Cleansing Cream from Clean and Clear and Oil Free Moisturizer from Neutrogena.

Mom Hair

My Go-To Hair Style these days

Focus on what makes you feel fabulous:  For me it’s my hair!  I’m sitting in the house most of the day and I still take time out every morning to do my hair.  Even when I was in the hospital, I made sure my hair products came with me. When it’s done, I feel so much better, even if I don’t have on a stitch of makeup (which you ladies know I’m nuts about!).  If you can’t walk out the house without lipstick or your mani has to be on point, spend the time that you have on that.  When you feel your best, it makes your day feel less hectic.

Squeeze in at least one beauty indulgence when you can.  Plan a spa day once a month.  Take a relaxing bath every Friday night.  Hit up the nail salon for a pedicure every two weeks.  Whatever beauty splurge you love, pencil in time to take advantage of it.  With all the stress and craziness going on in your life, you need that time to chill out and recharge.  A hot shower and monthly trip to the salon to get my eyebrows done are my definition of me time at this point in my life and I wouldn’t trade those for the world! :)

How do you streamline your beauty routine when your life gets crazy?

3 thoughts on “How to Streamline Your Beauty Routine

  1. sunlightbeauty says:

    When I get busy with work, I keep my beauty routine simple and to the point, I keep my hair moisturized and pop on a half wig (no fuss! and it’s easy lol) I keep my skin cleansed and apply light makeup, and I jazz up simple outfits with statement necklaces!

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