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As I write this, I’m working off of a few hours of sleep (for the 3rd night this week), dealing with achy everything, and moving around at the speed of Grandma.  Normally when I have a day even remotely like this, I can chug a good cup of coffee, take a great nap, or take a stroll in my favorite store.  However, none of those agree with this preggo body so I have to look for other things to keep my spirits up.

Thank goodness for blogging!

Seriously, being involved in this community is an awesome distraction from the daily discomfort and help me endure those “bleh” days.  From my Google Reader to my daily shopping emails, I can manage or smile or transport myself to my pre-preggo days and just enjoy the beauty and fashion finds I see.

Here are just some of things that put a smile of my face :)

Black Shoes

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Yes, I’m still obsessing over shoes!  It’s so crazy because I’ve never been a really big shoe person.  I guess a pair of swollen ankles and not being able to see your toes when you look straight down will do that to you!

Printed Dress

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This is a new one for me too.  It’s not that I never like dresses, but I always preferred to rock a great pair of pants.  Now, dresses have been my saving grace and I realized that I need to get more of them in my life! Nothing super complicated but rather something that is so easy to wear while looking chic at the same time!


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The Color Pink

I’m having a girl so I’m totally obsessed with the color pink. There’s nothing wrong with mommy and daughter matching, right?

silver eyeshadow

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Bold Makeup Looks 

Ya’ll know how I love my makeup, especially my eyeshadows so no big shocker here!  Don’t get me wrong, I loved the trends that this summer brought in but I’m excited to see what the Fall season has in store.

What beauty and fashion items brighten up your day?


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14 thoughts on “My Style Pick-Me-Ups

  1. Michelle @Radiant Brown Beauty says:

    Yahhh :-) Now I know what you’re having! I got your email with your address but I think I lost in the sea of email. Can you send it to me again please? I am in such a disarray after blogHer. Nothing is in order in my home and yes blogging is a great distraction. The problem is its so hard to stop even when you know you have a ton of other stuff to do!

    this weekend I recorded like 5 videos and the editing process is sooo daunting.

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