Beauty Blast: Aqua Cream and HD MicroFinish Powder from Make Up For Ever


Cream Eyeshadow

As you may have seen from my last two BLOTD posts, your girl is trying to step her beauty game up.  Along with learning and playing around with new techniques and looks, I’m also aiming to use products from brands I’ve haven’t tried out yet.  Make Up For Ever is one of them and I was thrilled to get the opportunity to try out the latest shades of their Aqua Cream collection and HD MicroFinish Powder.  I’ve heard so many great things about their products and was anxious to put my makeup skills to the test!

Aqua Cream

Available in 25 shades, this cream color product can be used as an eyeshadow, blush, or lip gloss.  Created for professional makeup artists whose clients work in extreme environments, it is completely smudge-proof, waterproof, and tear-proof promising not to crease.  With a formula that includes evaporating oils the color has crazy hold, keeping its pigmentation all day.  I received two gorgeous shades, one an ocean blue color (which I used in last week’s BLOTD) and a light green.  I loved them both so much, I decided to mix the two.  Using a short, stiff paint brush I applied the green on the inner corners of my eyes and the blue on the outer lids. With my pinky finger I blended my heart out until I got the color I wanted.  By the time I finished, the cream dried on and there was no way of getting that shadow off!  So I suggest being quick about application because wiping away a mistake is out of the question. The colors are striking as soon as you put them on giving me that punch of color I crave on a night out!  It also gave me the long lasting wear I needed too, making it through a house party looking as it did when I left the house.  This product is perfect for the summer, especially down here where the heat, humidity, and rain can do a number on your makeup.


HD MicroFinish Powder

Confession:  I am not a big powder person.  Except for this one, I usually pass on it because those I’ve used in the past left my skin looking ashy and feeling heavy.  I’m also a bit of a klutz so using a product that I can potentially spill all over the bathroom sink is something I try to stay away from!  Thank goodness the MicroFinish powder doesn’t do either!  This extremely refined powder aims to give a “soft focus” effect to skin, softening and masking lines and imperfections.  The result is an even, matte finish as it helps set your foundation.  One thing I really liked was the fact that the jar is practically spill proof, only allowing you to get the little powder you need.  I was wary of the fact that the powder was white in the container but it goes on clear, blending it with my skin quite nicely.  I used my kabuki brush and swept the powder along my T-zone to control the shininess as well as hide the uneven skin tone on the bridge of my nose.  It felt light, which is a plus in this heat, and it did give a soft finish to my look.  Though I wouldn’t use this every single day, it’s a nice add on to any special occasion look I’m doing!

Have you tried any products from Make Up For Ever?  What do/did you use?


FTC Disclosure:  Products used in this review were received as free samples.


6 thoughts on “Beauty Blast: Aqua Cream and HD MicroFinish Powder from Make Up For Ever

  1. A Brit Greek says:

    I haven’t really tried Make Up forever but their HD Foundations are supposed to be amazing! I’m surprised not many peeps have heard of this brand as it is global & pretty huge! Lots of make-up artists use this alongside MAC.

    Looking good girl! Good to know the face mapping supported the theory of crazy hormones on the chin area! You have a lovely weekend too!

    • MJ says:

      Really?? I’ve known about them for quite awhile now! They’re up there with the likes of MAC Cosmetics. They even have a professional beauty school for makeup artists. They’re courses look pretty cool!

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