Fierce Accessories: Michael Kors Handbags


Okay, I’m convinced I’m having major shopping withdrawal.  First, I was totally gaga over high heels.  Now it’s all about handbags and in true preggo lady style, it can’t just be any handbag.  It has to be the handbags designed by the ultra fabulous, king of chic, Michael Kors.  I’ve always been a fan of his fashions but lately his bags have been calling to me every time I step into Macy’s.  They are totally up my alley – classic styles with twist weather it’s the cool MK logo or a bold bright color.  I’ve rarely come across a bag of his I did not like and I can oogle at his bags all day (and don’t have me at his boutique store in Aventura!  I have heart palpitations!).

Here are just a few of my favorites.  And who knows?  Maybe Santa Hubby can put one of these under my Christmas tree this year! ;)

Michael Kors Handbags

What designer handbags tug at your fashion heart strings?

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3 thoughts on “Fierce Accessories: Michael Kors Handbags

  1. awkwardcelebrity says:

    I’ve been eyeing that orange one at the MK at my local mall for a couple months now. I love how structured and classic it looks but at the same time it has a nice bold color, love it so much!

    • MJ says:

      Girl yes! I’ve seen that one in the stores too and it’s looks amazing!! I’m really lusting over the pink one. I love the color!

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