Beauty Look of the Day: Blue Eyes Anyone?

Blue Eyeshadow

Okay, your girl is staying true to her word and trying to push out of her makeup comfort zone!  I’m trying to challenge myself and learn some new skills and once again one of my favorite beauty blogs Makeup Geek came through for me!  I came across her tutorial for Ombre eyes and I knew I just had to try this!  I admit, this one was a toughie for me because not only was I working with a deeply pigmented cream shadow for the first time, it also put my layering and blending skills to the test.  When I tell you I was literally in the bathroom for a good thirty minutes or so trying to pull this off, I’m not even kidding!  The colors weren’t as deep as I wanted it to be but it works as a day look.


Okay, so this is what I did:

  1. I prepped my lids with TooFaced Insurance Primer to make sure these colors didn’t crease on me and stayed put.  I mean after all that hard work, that’s the last thing I wanted to happen!
  2. Using Avon’s Glimmersticks eyeliner in black I lined the upper lash line and then used a pencil brush to buff out the harsh line.
  3. Because I didn’t have a cream shadow in dark blue, I used NYC Eyeshadow base mixed with Midnight from TooFaced Smokey Eye Collection to apply to my lower lid making sure I stopped mid lid.
  4. I applied Makeup Forever’s Aqua Cream on the upper lid and crease
  5. Instead of using a white shadow like she did in the tutorial, I went with a more subtle color, using Mary Kay’s Eyesicles in Vanilla on the brow bone.
  6. Now that the base colors for this look are in place, it’s time to get to blending!  I started with the dark blue shadow from the CoverGirl Blazing Blue Eye Enhancing Palette on the lower lid, once again stopping mid lid.
  7. Using the aqua blue shadow from my POP Beauty Pin Up Palette I finished off the lid, making sure I blending the two blues so there aren’t any harsh lines.
  8. Going back to the same CoverGirl palette I used before, I used the light blue color in the creases and blended it out into the browbone.
  9. I swept Heaven from the TooFaced Natural Eye Collection onto the brow bone to soften it up and let the blues have their moment!
  10. I went back over the lashline with the Avon liner and then used Black Suede from TooFaced to deepen the color.
  11. I cleaned up around my eyes with my CoverGirl powder and coated my lashes with Buxom Mascara.
  12. To keep my lips toned down I used Avon gloss in Apple Cinnamon.

As you can see, it wasn’t the easiest look I’ve done but I was  pleased with how it came out.  Is this a look you would try?


FTC Disclosure:  All of the products except the Makeup Forever Aqua Cream, TooFaced Smokey Eye Collection, Avon Glimmersticks liner, and Avon lip gloss were all personally purchased by me.  Products just mentioned were received as free samples for review.

9 thoughts on “Beauty Look of the Day: Blue Eyes Anyone?

  1. Michelle @Radiant Brown Beauty says:

    it’s very hard to come out of your comfort zone. i used to stay safe by wearing mostly bronze colored makeup. Now I’m playing around with marroon/wine/burgundy colors (yeah that’s real risky LOL) and some purple.

    and look at your hair. It’s so curly! You need to do an updated hair regiment post :-) or did I miss it?

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