Dreaming in Heels


You know that feeling when you’re obsess over something just because you can’t have it?  Yeah, that’s how I’m feeling about shoes – high heels in particular.  After going through my entire shoe collection one night and only having two pairs that fit these preggo swollen feet,  I’m seriously craving a fabulous pair of shoes.  I find myself gravitating more and more to tall heels and any type of shoe that if I wore them now I wouldn’t make it off the couch.  Being that buying a pair at this point wouldn’t be feasible, I can do the next best thing – blog about it! :)

Dreaming in Heels

Top Right to Left:  Steve Madden Leopard Shoes; Yoki Mogan Platform Sandals;  Christian Louboutin  Mary Janes; Steve Madden Dejavu Gold Glitter Shoes; Aldo Solian Sandals; Brian Atwood Neon Platform Shoes; Betsey Johnson Navaeh Shoes

What is your latest fashion obsession?

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