Beauty Blast: Murad Men Skin Care Products

Yes, you read right!  Today I’m doing a review of Murad’s men skin care products that specifically cater their unique skin issues such as cleansing and conditioning for a superior shave while reducing skin irritation and redness.  I chose to review these products because I sometimes suffer from a problem that I’m sure many of your married girls or those who live with their men may be familiar with:

My hubby can be notorious for jacking my skin care products.

Over the years we’ve been living together I found that a number of my products I use work well for him as well as some others that actually work better for him than for me.  So I was curious to see if the same went for men’s products and Murad gave me the perfect opportunity to see!  After taking the products they sent over for a test run these past few weeks, these two really stood out for me.


Face Defense® SPF 15

Seriously, my husband has not had a chance to use this one because this product is my absolute favorite!  On the days when I want to skip my tinted moisturizer to go makeup free, I normally have to use my moisturizer and then follow up with a sunscreen.  This normally results in greasy, sticky skin (so not cute!).  With this one, all I need is this light weight cream that keeps my skin hydrated and protected from the sun with UVA/UVB protection.  My skin soaks it up right away and my skin feels clean and soft all day.


Razor Burn Rescue®

Our men aren’t the only ones who are shaving and we need just as much relief from ingrown hairs, bumps, and irritation (especially in those sensitive areas, you know what I mean?).  This is where this comes in, applying this cream in those places where you just shaved and it works!  I normally have skin irritation whenever I do my regular shaving and this product stops it dead in its tracks!  This girl couldn’t be happier!

I was also sent along some products just perfect for the summer that men and women could use.  What was cool about these next two is it was sans the frilly girl packaging (so your man feels more comfortable taking it from your medicine cabinet :) ).


Oil-Free Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30

The sun out here doesn’t play any games and with this pregnancy, my skin is even more sensitive to the sun.  So whenever my days calls for being out, even if it’s  going from my car into the store, I put this sunscreen on before I step out the door.  Unlike the sunscreens I’ve used in the past, it’s not greasy, heavy, or has that strong sun block smell that can get annoying.  It goes on smooth and blends in easily, giving my skin a clean and shine free finish while protecting my skin at the same time.

 Murad Skincare

Sensitive Skin Soothing Serum®

No matter how much we know we shouldn’t go without sun protection, even the best of us can slip and this girl here is no exception!  On Memorial Day, I spent the day at the beach and totally forgot the sunscreen. Before I knew it, not only do I have tan lines that are still around as we speak, but my skin started behaving all kinds of awful especially on my shoulders and arms.  They were sunburned and I needed something to relieve the irritation and peeling that came along with it.  This serum helped a ton, giving my skin the hydration it needed while decreasing the irritation. Once the sunburn situation was under control, I decided to use it on my elbows which kept getting dry despite the lotion I was using.  Instantly they were moisturized and smooth to touch. I use it religiously because of that!

Have you ladies used anything products from Murad?  How do you like them?



FTC Disclosure:  Products mentioned in this review were received as free samples.

Photos courtesy of:  Murad

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