Guest Post: 5 Beauty Must-Haves For Date Night

Today I have my girl Kimberlee from I Have a Degree in This sharing her beauty must haves for that super hot date night you’ve got planned (because you know you have one coming up this weekend!)


Hi, I’m Kimberlee from I Have A Degree in This!I’m a single girl living in NYC. When I go out on a date, I don’t like to lug around a large handbag. I tend to opt for a smaller clutch which limits the amount of beauty items I can bring. These are my must-have 5 items in my bag to keep me looking my best all night:

Clean and Clear
1. Oil blotting papers. Keep your makeup under control with oil blotting papers. It keeps your makeup looking fresh without having to cake on more. I use Clean & Clear’s Oil Absorbing Sheets or you can settle for tissues (as a last resort!).

2. Mentos. Avoid scaring him away with bad breath and keep some mints on hand. I’m not a fan of gum because it’s bad for your teeth but you also need to find a place to discard it once it loses flavor. Mentos solves that problem with gum to dissolves away like a mint.
Lip gloss
3. Lip gloss (or tinted balm). I like Elizabeth Grant’s Light Up Your Lips gloss which features a mirror on the side of the bottle and LED lights to help you see your application in the dark. GENIUS!
4. Concealer. I don’t like to bring my full makeup bag on a date. I would bring concealer for quick touch ups. I trust my dark circles to Benefit’s Boi-ing concealer.
hand lotion

5. Lotion. It’s always good to keep your skin feeling soft with some lotion. I enjoy EOS Everyday Hand Lotion (I use it all over). Keep it on hand!


What are your beauty must-haves for a date?

9 thoughts on “Guest Post: 5 Beauty Must-Haves For Date Night

  1. Angela says:

    I’ve never heard of the lipgloss before. I love the light/mirror!! I just added it to my “need it” list. Thanks for the recommendation!

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