Crazy About Hair Scarves

It’s really no surprise how much I love rocking head scarves!  Ever since I started rocking my curls, this accessory has saved me from many bad hair days as well as taken my curly fros up a notch.   They are so easy to incorporate into your wardrobe and it’s amazing how a piece of cloth can exude so much personality!  You can’t help but feel a little sassy!

Crazy about hair scarves

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Another thing that I love about scarves is how affordable and accessible they can be. My favorite ones have been bought for a few dollars at Goodwill. I’ve borrowed from my mom and grandmother, who kept all of their fancy scarves that they used to wear back in the day.  Pieces of fabric, your boyfriend’s tie, or even a fabric belt from an old dress can make the perfect hair tie!

Do you wear hair scarves?  What’s your favorite way to wear one?




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