Fierce OOTD: Summer Whites Give Me Wings

White Blouse

The summer seems to be flying by, with the days just getting hotter and more rainy.  This past weekend was almost a complete wash out but the rain stayed away just long enough on Saturday for me to run errands, head out to do a review, and snap a few pictures while the sun is down. Taking outfit pictures is a challenge in 90 degree weather!

Old Navy Jeans

{White Blouse: Jessica London; Dark Jeans: Old Navy; Flat Sandals: Payless}

I’ve been waiting for the right time to wear this white blouse that I stole borrowed from my aunt.  Not only does it give me enough room for my expanding belly, it fits my personal style to a T – a classic piece with an unexpected twist.  Plus, you can’t help but want to fly away with the scalloped sleeves with subtle embroidery details.  I’ve never seen a shirt like this and it only makes me love it even more!

Plus size fashion

Thank goodness I kept these jeans.  I bought them a while back but were too big for me and never got around to taking them back.  Now do they ever come in handy!  They are now the only jeans I can fit into comfortably and I saved myself from having to buy pregnancy ones.  As for shoes, I wasn’t so lucky.  I totally forgot what my ankles looked like and by the end of the day, they look like swollen balloons.  So most of my shoe collection is out of the question.  Thank goodness this is only temporary! :)

Natural Hair

{Flower Earrings: Charlotte Russe; Flower Headband: Claire’s; Silver Necklace: Brightons; Silver Bracelets: Gifts}

How was your weekend?

22 thoughts on “Fierce OOTD: Summer Whites Give Me Wings

  1. Michelle @Radiant Brown Beauty says:

    Hey, where’d your belly go??? I cant’ even see it in this pic!

    Ok so you know I gotta ask right? Do you have on those jeans with the tummy stretch thingy for preggars? LOL I used to hate those but if you want to wear jeans, no choice right?

    • MJ says:

      Girl the belly is hiding in that oversized top. I’m kinda sad that I probably won’t be able to wear it after the baby.

      Ok, the jeans don’t have that panel. LOL I bought these awhile ago but they were always too big. Now they fit perfectly!

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