My Five Blogger Confessions

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We bloggers love to share those things we are absolutely in love with.  But what about those things we’re not so crazy about?  Today’s topic was inspired by a blog post on Minister of Style where she made her fashion blogger confessions.  As I was leaving my comment, I realized I had quite a few.  I remember when I started blogging I thought I had to be in love with everything beauty and fashion related, especially if all the top bloggers in the community were raving about it.  But now almost three years later I’m comfortable enough to say that there are topics and things that other bloggers do that I just don’t – and it’s okay!  That’s what makes the space so unique and different.  Can you imagine if we all loved the same things??

So here are my beauty/fashion confessions (and I hope you share yours in comments!)

  1.  I’m not a big nail polish girl.  I admire all of the cool nail designs and funky colors that my fellow bloggers rave about and are able to do.  Me?  I suck at DIY manicures.  It never comes out good!  Back in the day I was at the salon religiously with my French manicure tips.  I’m not crazy about having loud colors on my nails.  Now that the salon manis are over, I’m happy with just some clear, shimmery polish and I’m good (and I will still go to the salon for that).  Now my pedicures though?  That’s where I have my nail fun!
  2. I don’t wear makeup every day.  Before I started blogging, I barely wore any makeup.  Now that I know what I’m doing, I love it!  But there are days when I’m just super lazy and will walk out of the house with just moisturizer.  I like to give my skin a break and it’s normally on the weekends if I don’t have any place to go.
  3. One of the accessories that I don’t buy often is handbags.  I love eyeing over handbags on the web and check them out in the stores (can we say Micheal Kors??)  But I rarely buy new handbags.  When I do, I go for classic styles and colors that I can use for years on end.  I also like to invest money in handbags so dropping a ton of money all year long on tons of handbags is not in my budget.
  4. The older I get, the less me and heels get along.  Even before I got pregnant, I’ve been having a hard time getting around in the stiletto heels that I love ever so much.  Granted, I always have Dr. Scholl’s gel pads on hand but I still can’t get around like I used to.  I’m still trying to hold onto them as long as I can but with a little one in my future, I’m not so sure (trying not to cry!)
  5. Dude, I still don’t like gladiator sandals.  I just don’t get them!  Do you?

Okay your turn!  What are you blogger confessions??

15 thoughts on “My Five Blogger Confessions

  1. Kimberlee says:

    haha nice! I like this idea for a post :) Well you know I’m obsessive nail art freak so can’t join you in #1 but I’ve definitely grown less fond of heels. The more you know about the damage it does for your body, the more I want to stay away from them. I don’t wear makeup every day either :) Need to let your skin breathe!

  2. Cathy Witter (@ministerofstyle) says:

    First of all thank you for the shout out! Now down to business, lol. We here on the whole gladiator sandals craze, never dug it. I also am not into the nail art trend, it looks amaze on others but all that craziness is a bit youngish for me. And finally while I love the arm party look, a times it is too busy, too much work and I’d rather just skip it if you don’t mind.

  3. Kara says:

    haha.. I do like gladiator sandals. It’s good that I don’t call myself a beauty blogger because I rarely do my makeup.. even for outfit posts. I like skincare and foundation to even everything out but I usually don’t put anything on my lips, let alone eyelids.

    • MJ says:

      Normally I try to do makeup for outfit posts but with this summer it melts in like two seconds so I don’t even bother!

  4. Michelle @Radiant Brown Beauty says:

    Ok so we are here >< when it comes to heels. I love seeing other women wear them but my feet can't take 'em. That's mainly because I had foot surgery a few years back but even before then, I was and always will be more of a stack heel kind of girl.

    On the handbag and accessory front, I LOVE these things. I would buy them daily if i had the money and the space LOL.

    Makeup is something I'd like to wear more but don't have time so I'll settle for a little during the weekdays and on special occasions mostly.

    • MJ says:

      Oh good! Its not just me witj the love/hate relationship with heels! I find wedges are a good compromise though! :)

  5. awkwardcelebrity says:

    I used to wear a full face of make-up everyday but as I take care of my skin more and more I wear less and less makeup. Even though I blog about make-up and I am a fanatic, I still feel that as my skin improves I don’t need as much makeup and I start to use make-up to enhance and not to create. Also I just can’t be bothered to apply make-up somedays so face cream is allI wear!

    • MJ says:

      Same here! The more I learn about skincare, the less I want to pile on the makeup all the time. Cosmetics are supposed to compliment what you already have. And there is nothing wrong with having a lazy day (or days!)

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