Beauty Look of the Day: Can’t Fight the Frizz

Purple Eyeshadow

I’m feeling closer to normal these days and having the energy to have fun with my hair  again.  This past weekend I wanted to do something really special with my hair, attempting to straighten it again.  I forewent the flat iron, which didn’t go well the last time, and picked up an electric hot comb.  After a few hours and plenty of patience I was able to pull it off….until we left for the weekend.  The weather was crazy with all the thunderstorms and any attempt to keep my hair intact went completely out the window!  By the end of day one I embraced the frizz and let my hair do it’s thing!  As for makeup, I’m still dragging myself around in the morning so I went with one of my trusty pallettes to use two unexpected colors together – purple and green.

Wet n Wild Eyeshadow


– deep green on the eyelids, dark purple on the creases, light green on the brow bone making sure I blended all the colors together.


  • Mary Kay Lip Gloss in Sweet Raisin
  • Mary Kay Lipstick Downtown Brown layered on top

Natural Hair

My hair really did it’s own thing, giving me a big, frizzy, yet super soft fro.  My hair shrinks like crazy so blowdrying is a must to get it this big.  The only drawback is when i do, it frizzes like crazy and just won’t stay straight no matter what I do.  I guess my hair just wants to be left alone I guess!  Either way, I’m digging it and see if I can last the rest of week. :)



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