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My favorite pin this week on Pinterest.  Make sure you follow me!

I have no idea where this week has gone but I’m glad it did because I am so ready for the weekend!  Hubby and I are celebrating our two year wedding anniversary and I can’t wait to get away and have some fun while it’s just the two of us.

Though I haven’t had a chance to write a formal blog post for today, I did want to take the opportunity to share some blog posts I read lately that were such great reads.  Some made you think while others just tugged at your beauty/fashion blogger heart strings!


Would the real girls please stand up?  Fajr talks about being yourself (and not being afraid to smile!) when it comes to your outfit photos on Stylish Thought

These summer vacation outfits on Sprinkles in Springs makes me wanna book a vacation just so I can go shopping for one!

Katrice’s story on landing her first paid magazine piece made me remember that it’s doing those things that scare you the most will pay off in the end.

This fashion blogger can do no wrong in this blue gingham dress from ASOS. 

Fierce natural hair and sense of style? No wonder Candice is Natural Glamorous on Curly Nikki.

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  1. sprinklesprings says:

    Thanks for including me! Isn’t getting new vacation clothes and preparing half the fun? Even just thinking about the possibility of a great vacation and a few new clothes can lift your spirits. I’m gonna visit some of these links now!

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