What Beauty Item Would You Totally Splurge On?

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As a self-confessed beauty junkie, I have a habit of always wanting to buy a new makeup product or the latest hair styling product.  If it’s Walgreens, chances are it makes my shopping basket, however if I’m some place like Sephora I’m a lot more selective in what I buy, partly because we’re not talking drug store prices and I don’t want to make a habit of blowing money either.  After reading Courtney’s post titled How Much Do You Pay for Foundation? I realized that for me there is one type of beauty product that I would absolutely splurge on without hesitation especially if it works time and time again.

Foundation!  ( Betcha couldn’t guess, huh? ;) )

Lucky for my wallet, the medium coverage  foundation I use from Mary Kay is very reasonably priced ($15 for a tube that lasts for about 3 months).  It’s the only one I’ve used and it never lets me down.  For me foundation is super important – it’s the backdrop for your entire look and if you’re foundation is off, everything is off!  So if I find one that works for me whether it’s $15 or $40, it would definitely be worth the splurge.

So what say you?  What beauty product would you absolutely splurge on, no questions asked?

7 thoughts on “What Beauty Item Would You Totally Splurge On?

  1. anonymoushedonist says:

    moisturiser and foundation! having a flawless base is so important imho :) and because the above products two cover the largest surface area so it’s more value for money on a per-square-centimetre basis heh

    • MJ says:

      I totally agree! Moisturizer may be number two for me because it’s hard finding one that works with my combo oily skin.

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