Beauty Blast: Curl Care by Dr. Miracle’s

Dr. Miracle's Curl Care

I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing the newest hair care collection from Dr. Miracle’s made for curly girls just like me!  The Curl Care line of products, which debuts this month, contains all natural ingredients and oils, like Jojoba, Coconut and Safflower Oils and Aloe, that are formulated to give the same strong and healthy hair as their other products. What you won’t find in that list of ingredients are Sodium, Parabens, Sulfates, and Phtlalates. With  a honey and vitamin complex formula, the products aim to help hold curls for up to 12 hours without sacrificing their infamous Feel it Formula.  I’ve been using the entire the line for a few weeks now and this is what I thought!

Rehydrating Shampoo (12 Fl Oz; $9.49) and Nourishing Conditioner (12 Fl Oz; $9.49)

With Vitamins A and E along with Panthenol the shampoo is formulated to keep curls hydrated without stripping them of the oils they need to stay healthy.  The Conditioner aims to moisturize, condition, and soften curls with ingredients like Coconut, Joboba, and Vitamin E.  I enjoyed these two products the most out of all them.  The shampoo did a great job cleansing my hair and my hair didn’t fell dry at all, while the conditioner left my hair soft and manageable.  My only complaint is the tingling sensations that Dr. Miracle’s products are known for.  I think it was a bit much when using the the shampoo and conditioner together.  If I only used one of them, I can tolerate it, but using both had too much tingling going on!

Boost and Defining Leave in Conditioner (8 Fl Oz; $8.99)

This light leave in conditioner worked great on my freshly washed hair, keeping it soft and getting it ready to add  the other moisturizing products I use. It had the slight medicine smell that Dr. Miracle’s products are also known for but I didn’t mind it too much.  It also has a that tingling sensation too but once I’m done styling it goes away.

Soft Hold Creme (12 Fl Oz; $8.99) and Weightless Moisturizing Creme (8 Fl Oz; $8.99)

The Soft Hold Creme is used to individually define and hold curls.  After applying the Leave In, I would use this cream to help keep my curls in place while they air dried.  They did a great job doing that, almost as good if I had used a gel or the hair souflee that I normally use.  The Weightless Moisturizing Creme, which is lighter than this one, I would use to refresh my curls daily.  Though it gave my hair great shine and moisture in the morning, by midday, my hair was dry so unfortunately it didn’t last..

Frizz Control Serum (4 Fl Oz; $8.99)

With Vitamin A and Olive Oil, this serum is formulated to fight humidity and curl shrinkage while adding smoothness and shine.  Out of all of the products I used, I was the most disappointed with this one.  I didn’t find any reduction in frizziness and didn’t give me any more shine than the Moisturizing Creme.


Have you used any products from Dr. Miracle’s?


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FTC Disclosure:  Products mentioned in this review were received as free samples.



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