Thinking About Personal Style

If you can describe your personal style in one simple sentence, what would it be?

Since I started blogging I always found it difficult to say what my personal style was without having a huge run on sentence.  As a creative person i don’t like to be put it in specific box when it comes to anything because I like to discover new things and try them out (even if it’s only once!)  Lately, however, I have been thinking about personal style and how important it is to the fashion writing that I do.  We all know this blogosphere continues to grow exponentially as we all continue to carve out our own piece of internet real estate.  If you are like me who wants to take our blogs to that next professional level, being able to stand out is super important.  I’ve always said that what makes a blog unique is the person behind it and that person has a unique voice, writing style, and perspective on fashion.  You can read their blog and look at their outfit and say “That is so xxx.”  Even when out with friends, I can see an item in the store and say “That is something that XXX would wear on her blog.  When a reader can say that, I believe that blogger has nailed it when it comes to being authentic and keeping their blog in line with their personal voice and style.

One night I was doing my daily pinning on Pinterest and I decided to take a look at my fashion board and I noticed a recurring theme with my pins.  Then the fashion blogger light bulb went off and I was like, “Yes!  I think I got it.”  (Isn’t Pinterest awesome??!)

So I have narrowed my personal style into three words:


Classic Fashion

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As much as I love crazy cuts and pieces off the runway, I always gravitate towards the staples of any closet – trousers, simple dresses, jeans, blazers, and tees.  The tomboy in me hasn’t gone completely away – I like my clothes to be easy to wear and able to transition from season to season, year to year.



Colorful Dress

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I’ve never been afraid of color and I actually find it difficult to wear a completely neutral colored outfit.  I need a pop of color somewhere, whether it’s a piece of clothing or an accessory.  That’s one thing I love about living down here, bright colors are always in season in South Florida!


Accessory Driven

Classic Personal Style

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This was a given!  I go crazy with fashion jewelry, scarves, and an awesome pair of shoes.  This is where I have fun with fashion and get super creative bringing my classic wear to the next level.


Now that I have my personal style down, I can not only keep my blog more focused but keep my shopping in check too!


Have you narrowed down your personal style?  Please share it in comments!

12 thoughts on “Thinking About Personal Style

  1. gen321 says:

    My style is a mix of classic and stylish (conforming to current fashion). I too, gravitate to the simple and classic pieces in my closet (usually black), but I also try to keep up with trends and incorporated current fashion in my wardrobe and daily dress. Great post!

    • MJ says:

      Thank you! Black is definitely a staple in my closet and if I’m feeling a trend I would definitely incorporate it into my wardrobe too!

  2. Kimberlee says:

    Love Pinterest! Very cool words :) I tell describe my personal style as a tomboy who enjoys fashion. Meaning I’m typically in pants and comfortable but not afraid to try a trend now and then!

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