Beauty Look of the Day: Clean and Simple

Cream Eye Shadow

This New Year isn’t playing any games because busy doesn’t even describe what’s going on in my life right now.  Some days I just feel like throwing on a hat, slapping on some moisturizer and just heading out the door.  However, I don’t think my day job would be too cool with that and I’m a firm believer that looking your best on the outside, even when you feel like poo on the inside, will help lift your mood.  So I’ve been keeping my hair and makeup clean, polished and super easy.  Days like this call for cream shadow and a trustee headband! :)

 Maybelline Lip Stick

  • Mary Kay Cream Foundation in Bronze
  • Mary Kay Eyesicles Cream Shadow in Island Bronze
  • Black Eyeliner and Mascara from Neutrogena
  • Lipstick in Copper Charm from Maybelline
  • Avon Cream Blush in Pink Melon

 Natural Hair Wash and Go

For the past two weeks, I’ve been twisting my hair after washing and one day when I was in the shower my hair got super mad at me aka it started breaking like crazy!  Since then I went back to my old ways, washing, conditioning, putting on some hair product and leaving it alone!  I’m happy to report that the breakage has been drastically reduced.  So in this look, I’m rocking my curls as they naturally are.  To help put it up into this curly poof, I took an old headband, cut it, and tied my hair with it while gently smoothing down the sides.  To add a cute little touch, I went with these hair pins from H&M.


What’s your go-to look when you’re super busy?

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