Fierce Vlog: All About the Earrings

Today I wanted to give you a peak at my favorite earrings in my ever-growing collection of Fashion Jewelry.




What are your favorite pair (or pairs!) of earrings?


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5 thoughts on “Fierce Vlog: All About the Earrings

  1. Kara says:

    I love your vlogs! It’s good when we don’t see each other that often so I can feel like we did :)
    I hardly have any earrings- only about 4 pairs of studs and like 2 dangling ones, none of which that I wear. I love them, but don’t buy them too much because I know I won’t wear them.

  2. Michelle@Radiant Brown Beauty says:

    Jewelry!!! My favorite topic!!

    I love Forever 21. I get a lot of jewelry from there. Also, Charlotte Rouse. As for earrings I have bohemian style, gold, silver, feathers, pearls in all kinds of colors LOL too much. I’m running out of space.

    I have an insane amount of jewelry and if I were a fashion blogger I might share LOL. Let’s just say I have no favorite pair. I can’t choose. No way!

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