Fierce Natural Hair: Big and Beautiful

As I watch my natural hair do it’s thing, I’ve become so infatuated with natural hair styles.  I’m always on Tumblr getting inspired to try something new with my own hair.  Besides my resolutions I told you guys about on Monday, I also have a hair resolution.  By the time I go to New York Fashion Week in September, I want to rock big, bold Diana Ross, Foxy Brown natural hair!  I want it to be huge and fierce.  I’ve never worn my hair natural like this before and now that it’s been 5 months since becoming fully natural, I want to go all the way!  Having this goal is helping get through this awkward phase I’m going through with my hair as well as keep me motivated in maintaining this new, healthy hair.

I really hope I can reach my goal (my hair has been gaining length these past few months) but if by some reason it doesn’t, I can always get a wig!

Long Natural Hair


Big Natural HairSource

Big Natural HairSource

Natural HairstylesSource

Taren Natural HairI LOVE Taren’s hair!  You have to check out her Youtube channel!


Faux HawkSource

Do you ladies have any hair resolutions for 2012?

17 thoughts on “Fierce Natural Hair: Big and Beautiful

    • MJ says:

      Time and patience! LOL. In a nutshell, what I really think helped was the fact that I haven’t used any type of heat on it for months. This week was actually the first week I blow dried my hair since June. I do mostly wash and gos so I don’t have to mess with my hair so much. If you check out my Youtube channel I have a video on some of the products I use. :)

    • MJ says:

      Aww thank you Kara! I just blew it out over the weekend and it was a lot longer than I thought. This has made me very optimistic about reaching this goal!

  1. kirstinmarie says:

    I LOVE the new blog design, girl!! It looks sooo good. I’m not sure if I’m going to go to NYFW in September this year. It really depends on whats going on with my blog and stuff at the time, and of course, finances. We shall see!

  2. Michelle@Radiant Brown Beauty says:

    Hey MJ, I’m just working toward my goal length of waist length for my lead hair and middle back for the rest that has to catch up LOL.

    I’m arm pit length when I pull the hair from the back to the front but it’s weird how much faster my left side grows than my right….like 2 inches faster! I cut it to match the right and it just takes off so I leave it now.

    I saw Taren at the Shea Moisture event in NY. Her hair is very short now. She cut it and keeps it wrapped up in a scarf. I don’t care for the Aunt Jemima look LOL but she likes it so that’s all that matter.

    Have you checked our Hair Crush’s channel? Now her hair is looooong. She doesn’t put up vids that often though.

    Now what’s with this Tumblr? Are there hairstyles there I can search out? I usually search for new styles on YouTube

    • MJ says:

      Good for you!! I really hope you reach that goal this year! Believe it or not, the back of my hair is growing faster than the very front while the crown hasn’t grown much. I blew out my hair over the weekend and the back of my hair has made it to the bottom of my neck in just 7 months so I’m very excited about that!

      I did see that Taren cut her hair and I think it suits her! I rock the scarf look too from time to time, especially on my lazy days.

      Girl go to tumblr and just type in natural hair and you’ll get a ton of pictures of different hair styles to get inspired from.

  3. Simply Feli says:

    You and me both! I love the big bold fullness of afro curls, and to get that naturally would be amazing! Like you, I’m going to set myself a goal now so I can achieve this :D

    • MJ says:

      Thank you! Meeting up in New York would be great! Let’s keep in touch (via Twitter is the best way to get at me!) and as it gets closer we can definitely make plans to hang out! :)

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