A New Year, A New Look, and New Resolutions

Happy New Year 2012


I hope you all had an awesome holiday and are ready to tackle this New Year.  One of the things I love about this time of year is the sense of renewal, inspiration, and opportunity to outdo (or redo) the previous year.  For me this year is all about taking everything I’ve done in 2011 and take it to the next level.

The first thing I did was give this blog a brand new look with a new address to match – www.getfiercestyle.com.  It was about time I had my own domain name and a banner that I absolutely LOVE!  My girl Kara from Sprinkle in Springs is a truly gifted graphic designer and she designed not only my banner but my business cards, favicon,…everything!  If you need graphic design services, definitely check her out!  I also have new contact information as well so make sure you check that out too.

A New Year also calls for new resolutions.  I took a look at  my 2011 ones and I’m happy to say I pretty much met them all but there’s always room for improvement:

For the Blog:

Go to New York Fashion Week & the IFB Conference When I worked up the money to save for my new camera, I told myself I was going to be in NYC this year to cover Fashion Week and attend the IFB Conference.  Other years I’ve said, “I wanna go”, “I’ll try to go”, “I hope I go.” This year there isn’t any hope, try, or maybe in that sentence.  I am going to fashion week this year.

More Fashion and Beauty Commentaries: I’ve done a few this year and they’ve been pretty successful, especially my blog post on being a plus size blogger.  I want to do more of those this year and tackle those issues that definitely need to be talked about.

Rev up my  Community Engagement:  I’ve met some amazing people (both online and in person) this year and I’m so grateful for it.  This year I want to attend more local blogger events as well as the IFB conference in NYC this year.  I’m also going to engage more on Twitter as well as my revamped Facebook page (Make sure you “Like” me! :) ). I also want to share more of the amazing blog content I read everyday.

Learn my camera and have fun with my photos My Canon is absolutely amazing and I’m stunned at how much better my pictures can be.  My resolution this year is to learn my camera, gain some photography skills, and have fun with the photos I create.

Improve my content:  This is always going to be a resolution for me.  I have to continue to work to keep my content fresh and engaging as well as experiment with new things.  Video is one of the big things that I’ll be working on a whole lot more.  I only did two last year and that’ s not cool!  I’ve set up the Youtube channel and already recorded a vlog for this week so I’m staying on top of that.

My Personal Resolutions:

Publish my first novel:  Since I last talked to you guys about it, I experienced a major setback.  But since then, I dusted myself off and got to my revisions.  I’ve also come to terms with the fact that it wasn’t going to be finished in 2011 which is quite all right!  My new goal is to have my first round of revisions done by the beginning of February.  That means I have to develop some serious time management skills as well as make excellent use of my editorial calendar and sacrifice a few weekends to get it done.

Eat healthier and get moving:  I’ve been so focused on specific pounds and the numbers on the scale and I never reach that arbitrary goal.  Instead, I’m taking baby steps, making an effort to eat at least one healthy thing a day, take a walk around my neighborhood or even join a dance class.    Anything, even if it’s one little thing a day helps in my book!

Take a real vacation:  I really haven’t taken a long vacation to someplace not in Florida in a few years now and I really need to get away.  Though I am going to NYC, it won’t be a relaxing trip. So I need to make plans to have a real vacation this year, preferably someplace that doesn’t have WiFi so I’m not even tempted to check emails!

Do those things that I was afraid to do:  I spent a lot of time in my life doing only those things that were safe and comfortable to me but wasn’t happy.  This blog has helped me to not only pursue my creative passions but overcome all the fears I’ve had for so long in other areas of my life.  There are still some fears I have to conquer (and probably some new ones that will pop up!) so my mantra this year is to not let them hold me back from the goals I’ve set for myself.

What are some of your New Year’s Resolutions?

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16 thoughts on “A New Year, A New Look, and New Resolutions

  1. Michelle@Radiant Brown Beauty says:

    Hey MJ, you had better not come to NY and not connect with me! You know I cover Fashion Night Out so we can definitely roll together.

    I have some similar goals for my blog and personal life. One of my biggest blog goals is figuring out how to create my videos with better lighting. Right now it’s touch and go. Sometimes they are clear sand sometimes not. Sound is the only thing I get right.

    Personally, I am doing a financial challenge – saving for 52 weeks, the amount for the week. So for week 8, save $8. For week 30 save $30 and the same for all 52 weeks. It’s a small step but helping to build some discipline.

    Anyway, here’s to a fabulous 2012!

    • MJ says:

      Girl you know it!! I’ll probably stay with family either in Harlem or Queens so all I need is a plan ticket girlfriend! We definitely have to hang out!

      I think that financial challenge is awesome! My husband and I have similar plans to save more cash this year!

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