Goodies from Bath and Body Works to get You in the Turkey Day Mood

Is it just me or did we just celebrate Labor Day??  Man these days are flying by and living in a state where there isn’t much of temp change makes the holidays creep up even faster.  The NYC girl in me misses the falling leaves, the slight chill in the air, and the smell of pine combs this time of year.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the constant sunshine but when Thanksgiving and Christmas come around, I really need Fall time things to feels like holidays are here.  While I won’t find things like pine trees and snow flurries in South Florida, I can at least bring in some cool house décor to spruce things up and get me in the Thanksgiving mood.  These hand soaps from Bath and Body works did an awesome job bringing the Halloween spirit into my new digs so I was excited to review their foaming cleansers and the Slatkin and Co candle that was made just for this time of year.

Bath and Body Works Candle

Slatkin & Co. Candle in  Fresh Balsam ($19.50)

My husband and I are a little addicted to home fragrances.  There’s nothing nicer than having our home smell awesome when we get up, go to sleep, come home, or whenever!   A week or so ago, the temps went down to sixty degrees and I got so excited that I came home and lit this candle to get some Fall into the house.  With balsam fir blends, fresh eucalyptus, and sweet pine with notes of bright apple, cedarwood, and musk, this candle did not disappoint!  It smelled as if we had snow-tipped pine trees in our living room giving off a pleasant and welcoming scent that wasn’t overwhelming.  Even when the candle wasn’t lit, you get a nice scent when you walked by it.  It reminded me of the chilly days in Queens as a kid and I love it!  This was my favorite product out of the bunch!

Bath and Body Works Foam Cleansers 

Bath and Body Works Foaming Cleansers in Caramel Apple, Orchard Leaves, and Pumpkin Latte ($5.50 each)

The bottles of these cleansers stayed true to the season with great fall colors that look great in your bathrooms or kitchens.  All the cleansers did the job, leaving my hands clean with over drying them.  Out of the three, the Orchard Leaves was my favorite, a scent of red apple, spiced cider and cinnamon sticks.   Like the candle, the fragrance is gentle and sweet and I liked smelling my hands afterwards!  Caramel Apple (which seems to be the hubby’s favorite!)  is a little stronger, smelling more like Caramel than apple.  It also doesn’t help that I’m not a big caramel lover so I didn’t use this one too much.  The Pumpkin Latte, which is what I really wanted like, was way too strong for me.  You get  a burst of Pumpkin flavored coffee as soon as it leaves the bottle and I realized that I like that kind of coffee in my mug and not on my hands.

What are your favorite items from Bath and Body Works?

Just a heads up, they have their Christmas products out now so check those out if you can’t get your hands on these cleansers.  If you bought any, let me know how you liked them!


Photo courtesy of:  Bath and Body Works

FTC Disclosure:  Products used in this review were received as free samples.

3 thoughts on “Goodies from Bath and Body Works to get You in the Turkey Day Mood

  1. kirstinmarie says:

    I love the spiced apple autumnal scents that many products come in. One of my favorites is the Glad scented candle or the febreeze ones. So wonderful. Sort of makes it feel like home in the house, even though it 80+ degrees outside (so, so sad).

    • MJ says:

      LOL! I totally understand how you feel. I try very hard to bring those elements I loved up north down here – even if it is in a candle :)

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