Fierce Vlog: Stepping Out of the Box With Your Blog

Finally bit the bullet and got a vlog done.  I’m seriously trying to make this a weekly thing so let me know what type of vlogs you want to see in comments!


Oh, and here is the link to Oprah’s Life Class as promised! :)



15 thoughts on “Fierce Vlog: Stepping Out of the Box With Your Blog

  1. Kimberlee says:

    Great video! I completely understand – I’m terrified to do a vlog because I hate hearing my voice played back to me haha But I definitely agree that in life and your blog you should step out of the box especially if you want do it professionally.

    • MJ says:

      OMG, I’m the same way! I cringe when I hear my voice! LOL. But I’m hoping it will get better as time goes on!

      Can’t wait to see a vlog from you though ;)

  2. FASHION TALES says:

    I applaud you and your Vlog efforts. I am so hesitant for vlogs, which is funny becasue I talk alot in front of an audience for work presentations, haha! Perhaps in the future I will consider doing another one, despite my little vlog-blogging experience.
    My mother actually told me about Oprah Life Class, I must check it out. You rocked stepping out of the box dear, & LOVE your earrings! :) xxoo

  3. Michelle says:

    Your video is so super clear! What camera did you use? You also look so comfortable :-)

    You know how I do my videos so that I don’t have to retake a lot? When I make a mistake, I pause and then resay what I have to say. That way it’s easy to edit out :-)

    • MJ says:

      Thank you! I am really going to use that tactic because I had a little trouble with the editing (I so love to ramble! LOL) I used my Kodak point and shoot camera. I absolutely love it and I didn’t realize it had the video feature until I was in Tampa and needed to record the Tim Gunn fashion show.

      • Michelle says:

        Well it takes very clear video. I use my Flip but what I notice is it won’t come out clear if it’s dark in the house. I have to do my videos in the morning on Sundays :-)

  4. wfaye says:

    Hello MJ, you have always been the most real blog that I follow and with you vlog you are even more real. Thanks for having the courage to take you blog a step further.

    I never and always wanted to, but always let something get in the way of selling my sewing kits. I have been sewing since age 9 and have always love fashion. I have worked in the fashion industry for many years but with our economy those jobs are drying up. Since watching Oprahs Life Class I have found the courage to sell what I love! I’m now selling my sewing kits and my art on etsy and everywhere else i can think of. The name of the etsy store is “wfaye sewing kits”. This is a huge step for me and I do not think I would have stepped out of my box if it was not for Oprahs Life Class. I know it is easy for us to complain about government and big buiness not giving us was we want, but what if we used the gifts the God gave us to get what we want? Thanks again MJ for your Vlog you are stepping out!

    I would love to know what other effects the Oprahs class has had other viewers. Hope she does a show on it.

    • MJ says:

      Oh wow!! Congratulations!!! That is awesome! I think in this economy it goes to show that there is nothing that is secure or safe, so it’s the perfect time to step out and do something you love! I’m so glad you started selling those kits. :)

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