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One big thing that this journey to natural hair taught me was to be extra aware of not only the products I’m using but how my hair reacts.  It also helps me keep my product junkie tendencies in check too, making me think twice about buying something as well as stay with what works.  When my hair was relaxed I could try any and everything but my natural curls are very particular and the wrong product could spell a really bad hair day.  I loved the body products from SheaMoisture and I really wanted to give their hair product line a try.  After surfing the web and reading that so many natural haired girls are not only using it but raving about it, I took the plunge!

SheaMoisture Moisture Retention Shampoo

Moisture Retention Shampoo ($9.99 at Walgreens)

I thought I wouldn’t find a shampoo that could outperform my Carol’s Daughter staple, especially for a cheaper price but I was proven wrong!  This thick, moisture rich, and sulfate free shampoo is formulated for dry and damaged hair, which fits my hair to a T.  It really feels like a conditioner more so than a shampoo, not leaving my hair feeling so squeaky clean it becomes a dry frizz ball!  It gets rid of all the product build up that accumulates during the week without the harshness, leaving my hair super soft. I  definitely noticed a decrease in the amount of breakage I experience on wash days since I started using it since midsummer.  My husband likes it too and between the both of us, a bottle lasts quite a while which is another plus!

Curling Souflee from SheaMoisture

Coconut & Hibiscus Curling Soufflé * ($11.99 at Walgreens)

While the back of my hair has no issues maintaining its curl, the crown is a whole other story!  The curls there are looser and usually the first to frizz up and look really limp and not cute.  I used to use this product from Twisted Sista which was cool but I would have to use it every day, which for my fine hair is a little much.  When I was given this to review, I gladly tried it out, especially having such a big success with the shampoo.  The Soufflé, with agave nectar and flax seed is lighter than a regular gel but gives the same hold, helping my freshly washed hair keep its curl pattern long after it dries.  I use it after putting in my leave in conditioner and this hair oil from Uncle Funky’s Daughter, especially in my trouble spots.  My hair does feel a little hard on the first day but by day two the crunchiness is gone while my hair up top is still curly.  I don’t need to use it every day which is great (and makes the jar last longer!)

SheaMoisture Deep Treatment Masque

Deep Treatment Hair Masque ($9.99 at Walgreens)

In trying to deep condition my hair more often, I was looking for something that didn’t need heat all the time.  Truthfully I don’t have much time during the week to sit under a dryer so I bought this one because I could leave it in my hair for 30 minutes and rinse it out, or use it as a leave in.  The masque is thick when you take it out of the jar but dissolves quickly once it’s in your wet hair.  The sea kelp and the shea butter are supposed to get rid of all impurities while moisturizing and repairing damage to your hair and scalp.  As a wash out conditioner it’s great, leaving my hair really soft.  As a leave in, it was great on my hair, leaving it really moisturized especially overnight.  However it totally killed my scalp, making it really itchy and irritated (not fun).  So I had to go back to my old leave in and only use the mask occasionally as a wash-out conditioner.

Have you ladies used any of SheaMoisture’s hair products?

Oh, check out my girl Michelle’s review of some of their other hair product lines! :)


Photos courtesy of: SheaMoisture

*FTC Disclosure:  This product was received as a free sample.

12 thoughts on “Beauty Blast: SheaMoisture Hair Products

  1. Patricia says:

    I have tried some shea moisture products. Luv the shampoo and conditioner in the Olive label. I didn’t like the hair milk. I did not like the pink label cream in the jar but I want to try the organic smoothie, but. I want to sample it first. How do I get one to review.?

    • MJ says:

      Girl I did and I went over there and sent them an email to take it down. I also saw that they scraped a couple of posts from Yahoo! Shine. Those people are unbelievable!!

      Thanks so much for catching that! :)

  2. kirstinmarie says:

    Interesting read. I definitely have not used these products, and probably wouldn’t – mostly b/c my hair is already crazy oily. If I used moisturizing products on my hair its makes my hair gross (picture my hair plastered to my head, all shiny and stuff).

  3. Goody @Curvatude says:

    i currently use all of the products that you listed here + the mositure retention conditioner.

    i first feel in love with the deep conditioner (i actually used it as a leave in)

    then i added the other products.

    i love them all. especially the smoothie. it really offers moisture for me.

    my hair sucks moisture hog, so they help me maintain and keep me from being powder dry.

    i have only been “renatural” for a year but i get a lot of product reviews and learn more about the different things that work for folks from

    • MJ says:

      I’ve follow her site religiously and she has great info on her site! I’ve been fully natural for 3 months now and moisture retention is a big thing for me!

  4. A Brit Greek (@ABritGreek) says:

    Hello gorgeous stranger!

    Good seeing you again lovely. I LOVE the sound of these products particularly cos I love Shea…
    Also wanted to say that warmed up good quality olive oil (wrap your hair up in cling film for 5 mins) is brilliant as a conditioner too – I use it for everything!!! Plus a really ripe banana mashed up with a little olive oil & a little honey – there’s your hair mask sorted… don’t be tempted to eat though! ;)

  5. Michelle says:

    Girl I think somebody scraped your post! I got a pingback notification and somebody posted youre entire review of Shea Moisture. It included the link you sent to me too. that’s how i got the pingback.

    Check it out here:

    I removed the www so they wouldn’t get a free link back to your site!

  6. Michelle @Radiant Brown Beauty says:

    I have fine hair too. Lots and lots of fine strands but you’re right, we have to work with what we have.

    If your hair is breaking, you should definitely try a protein treatment. It helps. Just don’t overdo it and make sure (and this is critical) that you follow with a deep moisturizing conditioner that has no protein in it. You have to balance out the protein and moisture levels or your hair will remain hard after the protein treatment. Did you read my article from last week on my blog? The Shocking Truth About Protein and Your Hair.

    It’s long but I went to as much debth as possible about the whole “protein sensitivity” thing and how to properly apply protein to your hair.

    Oh and thanks for linking up my review! I didn’t notice it when I first read the post :-)

    OK now I have to run out and buy halloween candy for my team’s staff meeting. Even though I don’t celebrate, they stlll have me buying the candy!

  7. Michelle @Radiant Brown Beauty says:

    Yes girl! I did a review of their products too. So we have this in common. Our crowns act the fool from the rest of our hair LOL. Mine is opposite though. I have the tightest curl pattern at my crown and the loosest at the nape of my neck.

    When I first used the hair masque, it felt drying. I added honey and voila it’s the business!

    I’ve not tried the curling souffle. I have the curl enhancing smoothie. Have you tried the smoothie? If so, do you notice a difference between the two.

    Also, I use the Organic Yucca and Baobab (sp?) hair thickening shampoo. Yes, I love it. Like you said sulfate free. Gentle on the tresses but I only shampoo my scalp.

    As for a good deep conditioner if you are looking for protein free. As I Am Naturally has a product called Hydration Elation Intensive conditioner. It leaves your hair soft and smooth. I love it. Some of their products I’m on the fence about because they leave flakes (i.e. their curl enhancer) but the deep conditioner and the leave in is a keeper.

    • MJ says:

      I’m going to add honey to that masque right now! It kills me to have a new jar of hair stuff just sitting there! Yes, my crown is a pain in the butt when curly and the back of my hair is a pain when it comes to trying to straighten it. Just have to work with what you got!

      I haven’t used the Curling smoothie yet but I heard a lot of great things about it. Once the Souflee runs out I’m going to give it a go!

      I’m not sure if I need a conditioner with or without protein. My hair is very fine and breaks very easily so I’ll see if the masque helps with that once I add honey to it. :)

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