Fierce OOTD: Enjoying the Ride

Have you ever been so tied up in the details that you forget to take a breather and enjoy the bigger picture?

If you’ve been following me you know I’ve been working extra hard on writing my first book.  I finished writing it last weekend (Yay!) and to say the least it felt really good.  But then there’s the editing part of it and to make a long story short it’s going to take longer than I thought. I spent the last week trying to rush things, getting all nervous and really spazzing.  But then when I got up Saturday morning I realized that it’s okay.  This is all part of the road to get to the goal I set for myself two years ago when I started this project.  When I get there, there will be another goal  and another road to travel with the same kind of bumps and detours as this one.  No matter what happens I get to do what I love and remember to enjoy the ride that my life takes me!  So no matter where you are in your blogging, writing, or other creative project, remember not to focus on the end goals all the time but rather enjoy the journey because when you do hit those obstacles that joy will make it easier to get around them!

Denim Jeggings and Blazer

{Black Blazer:  Thrifted, White T-Shirt: Target; Jeggings: Mossimo from Target; Brown Suede Wedges: Naturalizer; Vintage Scarf: Gifted; Hoop Earrings:  Fort Lauderdale Beach; Heart necklace: Rainbow; Silver Bracelets: Gifted}

Before heading off to the Ritz Carlton West Palm Beach to review their Pumpkin Perfecting Facial, I took advantage of the gorgeous 70 degree weather to take some photos (that’s why I’m sans makeup).  I wanted to wear something cute but comfortable so I went for my new jeggings.  Ladies these pants are the most comfortable thing ever!  I’ve been having such a hard time lately finding jeans because I’m in the between-sizes phase.

White T-Shirt

You can’t go wrong with a white T, especially when you have a blazer to dress it up!  This is another purchase at the Goodwill in Tampa and it’s one of my favorites!  Granted I can’t button it but it’s nicely tailored so I don’t have to.  It goes great with the tees I’ve accumulated during my Tonboy years so it’s opened up my fashion options.  Gotta love that!

Black Blazer

These brown suede wedges from Naturalizer are also super comfy.  I got these from the outlet store in St. Augustine last year.  They are great for the Fall season and also dress up the jeggings without trying too hard.

Vintage Scarf

I’m also happy to debut the gorgeous scarf Kirsin and Kara bought me for my birthday.  It’s the perfect hair accessory for a Saturday because after doing my hair all week, I get pretty lazy with it by the weekend.  I haven’t worn these earrings I bought from a beach side shop in Fort Lauderdale in awhile and the heart necklace hasn’t made an appearance since 30×30 earlier this year.  For extra oomph, I paired all the silver bangles I owned which was a great idea when I put them on, but not so great when I tried to take them off!  (I proved that wrists can swell up in a day!  Oy…)

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23 thoughts on “Fierce OOTD: Enjoying the Ride

  1. Fajr says:

    Congratulations on finishing your book! That is quite the achievement and I am very proud of you! You deserve that spa visit :)

    I know exactly what you mean by getting caught up in destination that you miss out on the journey. Lately I have been trying to slow down and truly appreciate the ride and have fun instead of being consumed with work. It’s a process.

    • MJ says:

      I’m telling you, there is nothing like having your own home. :)

      I won’t bee making BlogHer this year because I’m going to Fashion week and my funds can’t make both trips. :(

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