Fierce OOTD: Blue Blazin…

Yay!  I’m getting better with these outfit posts!

This whole outfit was built around this blue blazer that I scored during my Tampa thrift shopping.  I’ve been wanting to incorporate more blazers into my wardrobe and the thrift store I went to really hooked me up!  Thanks to Kirstin’s good eye I took this royal blue baby home, paying about $8 for it. ( Still psyched about that!)

Blue Blazer

{Blue Blazer: Thrifted; Pink Cami: Charlotte Russe; Black Trousers: JCPenny; Black Pumps: Payless; Silver Circle Necklace: Brighton; Pearl Earrings: Charlotte Russe}

I love how the material is a little stretchy yet thick enough to be appropriate for the office.  The sleeves were a bit too short so I just rolled them up a bit.

Pink Cami

I stepped out of my safety box and went with the hot pink cami that I only wore under white button down shirts.  It had the same depth of color as the blazer so I went for it and I absolutely loved the combo!  I’m going to try this one out with a pair of jeans and funky earrings for a more fun, casual look.


Can I just say that my attempt at straightening my hair for the first time in 3 months was a total fail.  Um, yeah, I’m going to wait a few more months and let the professionals handle it.


8 thoughts on “Fierce OOTD: Blue Blazin…

  1. Kara says:

    (I have to lol every time Kirstin says ‘hooray’ hahaha…)

    Anyway… I LOVE your color combo! That blazer was such a find, glad you got it.

    • MJ says:

      LOL! Whenever you guys write something that I’ve heard you say IRL I have to laugh because I can so hear it! We really need to go thrift shopping again. That was so much fun!

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