Yahoo! Shine Beauty Guru Review: Braun Satin Hair Brush

*As a part of the Yahoo! Shine Beauty Guru panel, I do a monthly product review and I wanted to share this month’s assignment with you ladies!*


If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know that I’m a hair product junkie, especially since I’ve gone the natural route with my hair.  Not only do I have to be even more careful of what I use on my hair but also what type of hair tools I use.  So this Beauty Guru assignment is very timely for me because controlling frizz, keeping shine, and not damaging it are my top three priorities. 

For this Beauty Guru assignment, we’re reviewing the battery powered Braun Satin Hair Brush ($65).  With the touch of a button a stream of Active Ions flow from a uniquely designed jet that promises to instantly give hair more shine as well as tame frizz and flyaways.  The soft cushion pad and Seamless Bristle technology makes the brush gentle on your hair and scalp, preventing damage.  I was really curious to see how this brush did on my chemical free hair so I straightened it out to see how it did.

A big plus for me was that the bristle and soft pad was very gentle on my fragile hair.  I’ve kept brushing to a minimum since I transitioned because my strands are really prone to breakage and using my old brush was way too harsh.  The Braun brush glided through my hair effortlessly through my blown out hair and I really appreciated that.

As for giving my hair great shine and taming the frizzies, it was a big letdown.  After using the brush a few times, I didn’t notice any difference in shine or frizz control. The only way I could tone down the frizzy business going on in my hair was with product.  Going through the transitioning process I truly understand that hair textures are very different from one girl to the next (and even on the same head like mine!) so my conclusion is that this brush doesn’t mesh well with mine when it comes to the Ion technology. (And I really wanted it to.:( )

Have any of you ladies tried out this brush from Braun?  Did you have any luck with it?

Photo courtesy of: Braun

FTC Disclosure:  Product mentioned in this review was received as a free sample.

2 thoughts on “Yahoo! Shine Beauty Guru Review: Braun Satin Hair Brush

  1. Kara says:

    I saw an ad for this in a magazine and want to try it. But $65… eh. I just got a Mason Pearson brush, so I guess I won’t be buying this one any time soon.

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