Timm Gunn Talks Fall Fashion

Oh my goodness, I had all the intentions of getting this video up last week right after my Blogger Brilliance post but the video was too long for Youtube to take.  So I had to apply my newbie video editing skills and I was able to split it in two.

Anywho, I had such a blast at the fashion show in Tampa last Saturday.  Not only was I in complete awe of Mr. Awesomeness aka Tim Gunn but he had a lot of super helpful tips and advice on how to dress for the season as new looks from Kate Spade, Lucky Brand Jeans, and Juicy Couture strutted down the runway.  Each of the pieces the models wore were already available for purchase so there’s no wait to get your hands on the ones you loved.

Hope you ladies enjoy it as much as I did (please pardon the amateur video skills :)).  For coverage of the Q&A portion head on over to Kara’s blog Sprinkle in Springs!

Happy Monday!






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