Fierce OOTD: Still Feeling Like Summer…

As much as I claimed it to be officially Fall, the weather down here hasn’t been cooperating!  When I went to visit my mom and my siblings this past Sunday, the temp was in the mid 90’s!  Mid 90’s! I was seriously dying.  I’m soo over the hot weather and I’m dreaming of cooler 70 degree days where I can at least wear ankle boots (I mean can I get that Mister Weatherman?? Please?!)

Flower Skirt

{Gray Tank: Charlotte Russe; Flower Skirt: Unknown; Sandals: Payless; Glittery Hoops: Birthday Gift; Shades: Unknown}

Grey Tank Top

It’s amazing what you find when you move to a new place!  I found these shades in a box I had packed up since I moved from my studio apartment years ago!  I used to wear these all the time and since I found them, they are in the regular rotation of shades!  The skirt is a throwback too, one I bought years ago but rarely ever wore.  I just didn’t know how to style it and it always stayed in the back of the closet.  Now that I’m trying to make a really conscious effort to remix the clothes I already have, I’m finding more and more outfits everyday and this is no exception!  When I tell you that this belt has completely changed my fashion life, I’m not even kidding (and you’re probably tired of seeing it all the time! LOL).  This accessory has been bringing a lot of my clothes back to life.

Brown Shades

Oh and I couldn’t help but wear my new yummy hoops my girl Veronica gave me for my bday.  I couldn’t help but feel a little sassy in them! :)










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