Fashion Night Out and a Birthday!

Hi Ladies!!

I’m back from my little staycation and boy did I need it! Everybody needs to lay around and do a little bit of nothing every now and again!  I spent most of  it with awesome family and my killer chef of a husband.  I hoped you checked out the guest blogs from my girls Vonnie and Michelle!  Thanks girl for holding it down over here while I was away!

One big highlight of my week was spending Fashion Night Out at the Palm Beach Gardens Mall with my blogging besties Kirstin, Kara, and Veronica!  They all met up at my new digs and the backyard was just begging for some outfit photos!  It was honestly one of the major reasons I feel in love with this house in the first place!

Kirstin Marie



On our way out, we found another cute little photo spot, fully stocked with a super cute gazebo and model ready walkway.

Photo courtesy of Kara

Photo courtesy of Kara

Photo courtesy of Kirstin Marie

What made Fashion Night Out for me was the company I was with.  We had a blast shopping at H&M, Forever 21, and Zara.  I scored some awesome jewelry that will be making numerous appearances in the days to come! (Promise!) It was the perfect girls night out and I’m expecting many more of them in the future!

Photo courtesy of Kara

{Polka Dot Ruffle Top: The Avenue (thrifted); Pencil Skirt: JCPenny; Ballet Flats: Famous Footwear; Turquoise necklace: won in a giveaway; Wooden Earrings: Beals; Flower Headband: Claires}

Then the very next night was my birthday!  The big 30 has finally arrived and what better way to spend it then with cool, confident, ambitious, and super fun women!  My blogging girls came out to celebrate with me along with my work girlfriends and my awesome husband. It seems like my friends know about my obsession with accessories because they gave me such awesome birthday gifts.  I even got an Target giftcard from my girls Sara and Lauren, just in time for the launch of the Missoni collection (Can we say psyched!!) I  was so surprised and super thankful!  You guys rock!

Kirstin and Kara gave me this beautiful vintage necklace and scarf in a cool flower painted egg. I love that!

Veronica gave me this glittery oversized hoops. Totally my style!

My friend Fawn gave me these beautiful necklace and bracelets. Yummy accessory goodness!

I had such an awesome birthday night!  30 is the new 20!

Photo courtesy of Kirstin

16 thoughts on “Fashion Night Out and a Birthday!

  1. Kara says:

    Hahaha! I love the pic of the egg- I wanted to keep it, but we decided it should go to the birthday girl! I loved the colors in your scarf because it reminds me of all the awesome colors from the Jonathan Saunders fall collection and those cool Tommy Hillfiger pajama pants.

    • MJ says:

      The scarf is gorgeous!! I’m gonna have to hop on over to Kieko Lynn’s site for her turban tutorial! :)

      And oh, the egg looks so pretty on my nightstand! :)

  2. Kirstin Marie says:

    Amazing. It was so much fun, and I CANNOT WAIT for this Friday. I feel like it can’t come fast enough!! I’m so excited Veronica is coming with us. Hooray for a fun little blogger group! :)

  3. Michelle says:

    Ok I’m so jealous! I love that vintage necklace and you gals look like you had so much fun! I did FNO like crazy. It took me 6 posts to update it all!

    Happy Belated Birthday to you and many more! Looking forward to the winter? I’m not! I feel like the fun will come to a hault because of the cold weather here.

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