Guest Post: Creating a Beauty Capsule and Why You Need One

*This guest post is from my girl Michelle of Radiant Brown Beauty. I have to say that this is such an awesome idea and so worth trying out!*

If you’re a busy student, parent or professional woman, what I’m about to share will be invaluable. It will help make your daily beauty regimen fast and easy.

Have you ever heard of a wardrobe capsule?  Basically, it’s a selection of accessories and 10-12 pieces of clothing that all work together. For example, you can easily mix and match each of the following items:

Wardrobe capsules shouldn’t be the only set of “tools” in your life. Let me introduce you to what I’ve termed, the beauty capsule. I’ve not seen it termed this way anywhere else but I could be wrong. So, I’m claiming it as my creation. Yep. That’s right. It’s my new tool but based on what I learned about wardrobe capsules not too long ago.

A beauty capsule is similar to a wardrobe capsule in that it contains complimentary items that you use to care for your face.  No matter what color you are sporting for the day, your beauty capsule fits right in.

For starters, you’ll need 3-4 small sample size bottles in addition to a beauty bag large enough to hold the bottles and the rest of what I’m about to share with you (Leopard print and Shimmery colored bags are my favorite!). Sets of sample size airline approved bottles are available at virtually any drug or beauty supply store.

Here are the items you can use to create your personal beauty capsule:

-          Portable makeup palette containing shades of cream, black and bronze eye shadow (and preferably one with matching pressed lip gloss)
-          A dual eye liner and mascara in dark brown.

These colors match virtually any outfit and can be blended well together.

 -          Mineral makeup that doubles as a concealer

-          Sample set of brushes (also available at your local drug store)

-          Most important, label those sample bottles and fill them with a cleanser, toner, moisturizer and/or sunscreen for your skin type.  It won’t do your skin a lick of good to bury it under makeup if it’s not being cared for properly with a basic daily skin care regimen.

Alternatively, you can create several beauty capsules aligned more closely with your wardrobe capsules. You’ll need separate beauty bags for each. For example, if your wardrobe capsule has purple in it, your beauty capsule can contain shades of purple and grey.

However, if you are way too busy to care about having exact colors, you can keep it simple and stick with the shades of bronze and browns I mentioned earlier.

Your beauty capsule can be used any day of the week but especially on days when you have to fly out of the door because you don’t have time to get dolled up. You know how it is when your alarm clock doesn’t go off  gets hit with the snooze button!


So, do you have what could be classified as a wardrobe or beauty capsule? If not, can you see it making your life a little easier? Please share in the comments below and thanks for reading!

About Michelle: Michelle Howard is the Creator of Blended Naturals, a handcrafted line of face, bath and body products formulated with women of color in mind. Michelle can be found sharing skin and hair related information over on her blog Radiant Brown Beauty at or on her Facebook Page at



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