Fierce OOTD: Lost in My Own Backyard

It’s been a long time since I’ve done an outfit post and with good reason!  Remember that news I told you ladies about that I was gonna fill you in on? Well here it is!

Welcome to my backyard!

White Maxi Dress

{Flower skirt worn as a dress:  Gifted; Grey beaded scarf: Gifted; Black Stretch Belt: Rainbow; Ballet Flats: Famous Footwear; Jeweled Bracelet: JCPenny; Silver Hoops: Gifted; Silver Necklace: Brightons}

I’m soo excited to be able to wake up to this backyard and a natural preserve that’s right behind it everyday from my new home!  My husband and I just bought our first home and that’s why I had to take that mini break from blogging.  Between closing on the house, packing, and moving it was insane but totally worth it.  Now we’re settled in for the most part and that’s when the real fun begins!  Decorating!

Grey Scarf

While playing in my new walk in closet, I rediscovered this skirt that you probably remember from this challenge.  I still had no clue how to style it then and I really wanted to incorporate this into my wardrobe.  My grandma went out of her way to have it made and the flower detailing is just too cute to keep locked away. Then I was super inspired by this blog post from Girl With Curves (her  outfits are absolutely amazing!!  You have to check it her out!) where she wore a skirt as a dress!  Fashion Ephiphany!

White Dress

I resisted the urge to add pops of color and instead stick to neutrals to change things up a bit.  The scarf was also another gift from my Grandma and the beading detail adds an elegance to the outfit that makes it perfect for a date night.

White Sun Dress

I know the belt is super familiar and I really need to buy a few more of them.  It gave the skirt the definition it needed to pass off as a dress.  I chose the flats because not only are they super comfy but your girl is long overdue for a pedicure! LOL

Silver Necklace and Bracelet

I really wish I could wear this bracelet more often but it has a nasty habit of falling off of my wrist despite the magnetic clasps.  And when it does decide to fall, a few jewels go with it so it’s not very practical to wear so I’m the hunt for a replacement.

I’m super excited about being in this house!  I really feel like a grown up!

17 thoughts on “Fierce OOTD: Lost in My Own Backyard

    • MJ says:

      LOL! You are too funny! We were so lucky to be bordering The Preserve as my development calls it. One of my first thoughts when we went to go look at it was the fact that I could do outfit shots back there! (Impossible to turn the blogging brain off!)

  1. Bella Q says:

    MJ, congrats on your new home AND having that bit of nature for your backyard- how wonderful! Speaking of you look absolutely breathtaking in your summer white and sheer wrap…a goddess of loveliness!

  2. kirstinmarie says:

    Oh my gosh, M!!!!! You look so beautiful. I love this skirt on you….and I love your backyard (I can’t wait to see it! Even though it will be at night…we could totally do awesome photo shoots there).

    • MJ says:

      Thank you Kirstin!!

      One of my first thoughts when I was out there was like, “OMG Kirstin and Kara need to come up here one Saturday and we could have a ball out there!!”LOL!

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