Desert Island Beauty Challenge

Man, I haven’t been blogger tagged in a long time, so when my girl Vonnie from Socialite Dreams tagged me in her Desert Island Challenge, I just had to do it!

The challenge:  

You are going to be cast away on a deserted island, but you must maintain your fabulousness. The trick is, it can only be a lip product. What ONE lip colour could you happily live with for the rest of your days? This isn’t about your favourite or what’s haute at the moment. It should be something that doesn’t require lip liner or mixing with some other colour to make it look good. This should be a colour that you don’t have to think twice about because you know it will never fail to make you look flirty, bold or seductive every time you wear it. What would it be?

The Rules:

  1. Choose your  Desert Island Lip colour (lipstick, stain, lip pencil, OR gloss). Only one, please
  2. Tell us why you’ve picked it (what makes it special, timeless, or the bomb)
  3. Post a photo of yourself wearing the lipstick . The photo should be your full face
  4. *You may only use these other types of products in your photo:
    1. Foundation/concealer/powder
    2. Groomed brows
    3. Mascara
    4. Desert Island Lip product
    5. Tag 3 other beauty bloggers

*No paintpots, eyeshadows, eyeliner, blush, contour, highlighters or additional lip liners.)

Avon PerfectWear Lip Gloss


Avon Lip Gloss

I choose this PerfectWear Lip Gloss from Avon in Apple because it was the first red lip color that I didn’t feel uncomfortable wearing.  It gives me a bold, pop of color everytime and I can’t help but feel a little sexy when I’m wearing it!  The tip of the applicator works as a great liner too.  Gotta love that!


TAG You’re It!

Kirstin from Kirstin Marie

Courtney from Those Graces

Michelle from The Fierce Glamour Blog


What’s the one lip color that you would take on your desert island?

8 thoughts on “Desert Island Beauty Challenge

  1. Kara says:

    Ooh- so pretty! I like the glossy red, it looks great on you! I’d take my Dior Addict Glow- you can layer it to the shade you want and it matches to your skin tone.

  2. Mel says:

    Yeah, you definitely pulled off the challenge! You look beautiful! That lip color is gorgeous!

    I would take my Clinique Chubby stick in Whole Lotta Honey. I’m obsessed with it right now!

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