In Vintage-Love with Pinup Girl Clothing

During my little break from blogging,  I spent some time thinking about changing up my wardrobe.  As my 3oth birthday approaches I’ve been feeling a lot more adventurous and I want to bring in this new decade in my life with a bang!  One trend I’m really anxious to try is the vintage/pin-up girl look.  I already got a taste of it with this swimsuit and I love how curvy girl friendly the fashion is!  In particular I wanted to get some retro inspired dresses in my wardrobe because I really don’t have too many of those!  I’m looking for something that is age appropriate and still sexy at the same time (I mean 30 is the new 20 right?!) 

So how excited was I when I stumbled upon Pinup Girl Clothing!  Their clothes are amazing and had the exact type of dresses I was looking for!  As I was going through not only their dresses, but separates, shoes, and outterwear, I was also pleasantly surprised with their prices.  I’m thinking I would have to be shelling out  hundreds of dollars just for a dress or a top.  I found that the prices are super reasonable considering that vintage is super hot right now.  Before I started fashion blogger cartwheels though I checked their sizes to make sure that it truly catered to the curvy girl.  YES!!  They have plenty of styles availble in larger sizes.

Let the cartwheels begin!

Vintage Dresses

The Heidi Dress $94

Retro Capri Pants

Pyschobilly Halter Top ($56) and Deadly Dames Capri Pants ($82)

Pencil Skirt

The Laura Top ($38) and Pencil Skirt ($48)

Vintage Dresses

Lizzbeth Day of the Dead Wiggle Dress $122

50's dresses

The Daisy Dress $92

The Doris Top ($52) and Doris Skirt in Vintage Brush ($78)

What do you ladies think?  Which one was your favorite?

Photos courtesy of:  Pinup Girl Clothing

20 thoughts on “In Vintage-Love with Pinup Girl Clothing

  1. Lidia says:

    This is the collection I’ve been searching for! I’m a full figured girl who was dying to see fitted clothiing that accentuates my curces. Thank you so much for providing the info!!!

    • MJ says:

      Girl I have a tummy too and sometimes pieces like these do a great job holding it in. That’s why I love my high waisted pencil skirt!

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