Staying Fashionably Inspired (At Least Until I Go Shopping!)

Happy Friday Ladies!

The weekend couldn’t come fast enough and mine proves to be very busy!  I just wish it included shopping! LOL.  I haven’t bought any new clothing practically all summer and it’s killing me!  I’m proud of myself that I’m saving my money for some personal endeavors I have going on and I’m putting my recently acquired remixing skills to work.  But I really miss shopping and getting some new goodies in my closet! My shoe wish list is already a mile long and there are new trends I want to incorporate into my style. 


So for now all I can do is look around and get super inspired (and keep adding to my list!)  Here are just a few looks that I’m not only totally swooning over, but I think I can really wear.  Granted, I don’t have a Gucci budget, but with a little creativity (and patience) I can recreate them quite easily!

Gucci Ready to Wear (Photo courtesy of

I came across this Gucci Ready-to-wear ensemble  when I was doing research for another writing project a few weeks ago and it hasn’t left my fashion brain since!  I’m a sucker for wide leg trousers!  They are very flattering with these curves I have and it’s something I could wear to work.  I can definitely find a short sleeve version of the jacket and I love the thin belt.  Though the trench is out of the question (too flippin hot out here) the hat is a must!  It’s fab!


Michael Kors (photo courtesy of the main website)

 Ever since I saw this  top in person, I’ve been crazy about it!  Not only can you wear it like the photo above, it also makes a really cool hoodie too!  I have no problem finding a cheaper version of the capri pants and aviators (which totally rock!) however, I will pull all my pennies together and get this from Michael Kors.  It’s destiny I tell you! :)

Alexander McQueen (photo courtesy of:

You guys can’t tell me these jumpsuit isn’t fly! I can honestly see myself rocking this on an evening out, belt, peep-toes and all!  Rompers may be an iffy thing for me given my body proportions, but jumpsuits – especially with my favorite wide-leg pants – yes please!

Banana Republic Mad Men Collection (Photo couresy of:

I admit that I haven’t gotten into the show Mad Men, but when I do watch it from time to time, I’m looking at the clothes more than anything else.  I was just excited as the die hard fan when I found out Banana Republic was launching this collection.  This outfit by far is my favorite!  That leapord print jacket is FIERCE!  I might have to save my pennies for that too!  Otherwise, finding a cute little white dress is super easy and I already have a similar belt.

Louis Vuitton Ad (Photo courtesy of the website)

Forget the fact that the LV bag she’s holding is amazing, the dress that she’s wearing talks to my newly found vintage heart.  I love how simple and flattering the cut is, with the white lines and (once again!) a cute belt.  The shoes and those cat-eye sunnies take it to a whole other level and I’m in love!  I will scouring everywhere to find a dress similar to this one!


What keeps you fashionably inspired?  What are some things you have to get into your closet…like asap?

18 thoughts on “Staying Fashionably Inspired (At Least Until I Go Shopping!)

  1. Michelle says:

    You too? LOL last week I shopped like a mad woman but for the house. No clothes or anything. I reorganized my apartment. Now I’m sitting wonder why the heck I didn’t buy an AC! It’s over 100 here in NY and they said it will feel like 116!! Not normal..

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