A Super Easy Way to do a Smokey Eye

Smokey eyes are one of my favorite makeup looks.  They’re gorgeous, sultry, and……. can be pretty darn complicated to do!  I’ve looked up a gazillion tutorials and even though the eye kits does make it simpler, it can also be a little much for our beauty budgets.  So I’ve come up with a super simple way of getting that same look without breaking the bank.  I’ve doing this method for awhile now and I have to say it’s a hit everytime!

The trick to this look is a simple layering of three shades of the same color. I’ve done this makeup look with blues, purples, and even greens. For this tutorial I used a light grey, dark grey, and black from the Pin Up POP  palette.

Pin Up POP Beauty Palette

Okay Ladies!  Here we go!

1.  Apply the lightest color all over the lid

Smokey Eye Tutorial


2.  Take the second lightest color and apply from the middle of the lid to the crease.  You can use your ring finger to blend.

Smokey Eyes

3.  Apply the darkest color from the crease to mid brow bone and the outter corners.  Make sure it’s blended in evenly.

Smokey Eyes


4.  Put on some liner and masacara, and you are good to go!

Classic Smokey Eyes


Have you mastered the art of the smokey eye?  What are you tips and tricks?

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