A Blogger’s Day at the Beach

Oh boy, the blogging three amigos are at it again! LOL.  I met up with my blogging bestiesKirstin and Kara and we headed out for a group photo shoot at the South Boca Inlet this past Saturday.  I tried to channel my inner tropical bunny with my dress, coral scarf, and of course my lovely floppy hat!  I had no idea what shoes I was going to wear until I found the shoes waaay in the back of my closet!  I love finding hidden gems in my closet!

(This gorgeous photo courtesy of Kirstin)

(Turquoise Sun Dress: A.n.a from JCPenney; Coral Scarf: K-Mart: White Hat: Target; Wood Earrings: Beals:  Green Stone Necklace: Payless)

It was a beautiful Florida day, looking way too overdressed for the beach but that was okay!  Despite the fact that there were a lot of people out there we found a spot off the beaten path that was perfect for pictures!  We had a nature filled walk way on our left and a glorious ocean on our right.  It couldn’t be more perfect.

Kara has model perfect hair and she was totally working the hat!I loved how Kirstin paired her shorts with tights!  I totally wanna try that!

Yes, I was playing the paparazzi taking photos while the girls were taking photos.  That was just too much fun!

Towards the end of our day we kicked off our shoes and ventured out into the sand, finding a cool wall of rocks to walk out on and take photos (trying real hard not to kill ourselves!)  Thinking that I would be the safe one and not stand on top of the rocks, I found one to sit on.  I found out the hard way that it wasn’t the safest place to stay dry.  You can kinda figure out what happend! And Kara got it all on film!

We had such an awesome time, finishing the day off with delicious frozen yogurt! 

It’s amazing the pleaseant surprises I’ve recieved because of blogging and I never would’ve thought it would bring me two new friends!  Totally grateful for that!

14 thoughts on “A Blogger’s Day at the Beach

  1. Mrs Bossa says:

    Oo, the turquoise, the orange, the white shoes – such a fab combination! looks like an incredible day. As a Brit I’m quite jealous but may have to paddle in the local river instead ;)

    Thanks for your comment on my guest post at The Loudmouth, by the way – I can see why you have no need for trenchcoats!!

    • MJ says:

      I’m soo glad that walking picture came out good! I just set the timer and luckily it worked out! You and Kara took gorgeous photos! I’m saving my pennies as we speak to get me a new camera! :)

  2. Kara says:

    AHhahahaha! I love it! I laugh every time I see that pic of you getting splashed.. your reaction was priceless. This was the first day in months that I actually blow-dried my hair- and it got all wavy and windblown (but I did get ‘beach hair’ for free!)

    I loved the colors you chose to wear- and the white hat goes perfect with it! xxxxxxx

    • MJ says:

      Dude that water was way cold and because I couldn’t see it coming it totally took me by surprise! Your hair looked awesome so the beach hair definitely works for you! :)

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