Bloggers Do It Better: Neon Neutral

One thing I can honestly say about these challenges from Pretty Shiny Sparkly is that every one really challenges me to think out of my fashion box and try new outfit combinations that I would’ve never thought of!  This time around we are taking on the Neon Neutral trend, where you take a basic color like brown, white, or black and add a pop of bright, neon color.  It could be anything from a dress or skirt to a belt or handbag.  My first thought when I received the challenge email was to use this lime green dress that until the 30×30 challenge I rarely wore it.  I got it for a steal but then it ended up in the back of the closet because I just didn’t know how to work with it.  Now it’s coming out one more time and instead of rocking it as a dress, I thought it would be a great skirt to go with this black top.  Threw on those pumps that I completely forgot about and viola!  Another remix!  I’m pretty happy with it, though  I’m keeping my eye out for some more neon clothes and accessories to really rock this trend!


Neon Neutral Trend


Black Top: JCPenny

Lime Green Dress:  New York and Company

Buckle Pumps:  Off Broadway Shoes

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