Friend Friday: Bring On the Summer Trends!

Is it me or doesn’t it feel like yesterday when I was swooning over Spring Trends?? LOL.  Time does fly and this week for FBFF we’re talking about our favorite summer trends.  Though there isn’t much difference in Spring and Summer down here in Florida, it doesn’t stop me from finding even more things to incorporate into my wardrobe (and beauty stash!)  So without further a due, here are my favorite Summer Trends!

50’s Inspired Swimsuits

When the weather started getting hotter,  I was on the hunt for a new swimsuit as I surfed the net, I kept seeing these one piece swimsuits that were too cute!  I loved the fact that these styles took me back to a time when curves were celebrated!  I also think for those of us who are in that in-between stage that the 30’s bring, it’s a great fashion item for the summer!  We don’t look like were in are teens and we don’t look like grandma’s in them either, so they’re perfect!

Photo courtesy of Target

Does this swimsuit look familiar??


Floppy Hats

I’ve been digging this trend since Spring and I finally got one!  Whoo hoo! I love it for the summer because it not only goes perfectly with those swimsuits I love, it keeps you protected from the sun.  I wore my hat on the beach during Memorial Day Weekend and I loved that fact that it not only kept my hair in place, but it completely kept the sun out of my face.  Stylish and protective?  Yes please!

Bought this hat from Target too! LOL Photo courtesy of Target

Bright Lip Color

With Spring it was all about the eyes but now bold lip color is hot right now! Since I stepped out of my safe lip color box, I’m ready to run out and try it myself.  The next color I’m going to get, is this color that I saw at the Rachel Roy Event I went to with my girls Kara and Kirsten last Saturday.  I’m still swooning over this beautiful coral color!  And with Vahni’s review of the Maybelline clear lip liner, I’m totally on the bold lip color train!

Rachel Roy Event

Photo courtesy of Kara at Sprinkles and Springs

Curly, No Fuss Hair

If you know me by now this trend was definitely a no brainer!  This summer is the perfect time to embrace these natural curls of mine!  Regardless of hair type though,  letting go of the flat iron and letting your hair do it’s curly thing is a hot trend this summer, giving us curly girls a little break to enjoy those summer BBQ’s and beach outings! :)

Curly Natural Hair

For the life of me I can’t recreate this hair style! LOL

70’s Inspired Fashion

One of my absolute favorite fashion trends of that era were flare pants and I’m glad that along with a few other 70’s inspired threads are in this summer!  Long, flowy maxi dresses, bold colors and prints, big glamorous sunnies, beautiful floppy hats – I love it all!  So glad this style came back around (because I wasn’t around to rock them the first time! LOL)

70's Inspired Fashion Summer 2011

Photos courtesy of: and


What say you?  What are your favorite summer trends?

22 thoughts on “Friend Friday: Bring On the Summer Trends!

  1. Katy says:

    LOVE that swimsuit!! And I’m a little shocked to see it is from Target. When I was there a couple weeks ago all they had were these crazy colorful bikinis. Good to know they’ve got something more! – Katy

  2. Kara says:

    Oh, ya.. those lips are so perfect for summer! And I’ll have to remember that clear lip liner if I go for the lipstick instead of gloss.

  3. FASHION TALES says:

    Yes, I believe many people have been inspired by the 70’s! I really love floppy hats, you’ve have some beautiful inspiration here. Polka dots are my friend… love your pink shoes.
    -xxoo Have a lovely weekend lady! :)

    • MJ says:

      I love the polka dots too, and I’m not really a polka dot person! The swimsuits now are much more curvy friendly! Before buying that one, I had the same tankini for like six years. That thing is done! LOL

  4. Veshoevius says:

    I’m really into coral lipstick too right now – and yeah it felt like no time at all since I answered these questions! And not much has changed between Spring and Summer here either – in fact I think the weather just got worse!
    Lovely to see you with curly hair!

    • MJ says:

      Seriously, all the weather does down here is get hotter and humid! That’s our seasonal transition! LOL

      I kinda miss that hair because it’s much shorter now and I can’t get it that big just yet! But I’m giving it a few more months and I should be good to go! :)

    • MJ says:

      Oh, I’m pretty sure you could! I thought I couldn’t because my hair wasn’t long enough but it looks just as cute with short hair! :)

  5. Emily says:

    Great choices – all of them :) Floppy hats – so cool and a part of the 70s revival – which I loved on the catwalks – paticularly Topshop Unique’s show! Do love a bit of bright coral lippy but never looks quite right without a bit of a tan on me – which I never have!!

    • MJ says:

      You know it’s interesting that I have issues with bright colored lipstick because my skin tone could never carry it. But seeing the models at the Rachel Roy event who had all types of skin tones rock that same color gave me hope! :)

    • MJ says:

      I’m soo glad fashion has come out with curvy friendly one piece bathing suits that don’t make you look like a grandma! LOL!

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