The Rachel Roy Summer Event

This past Saturday I joined the lovely Kirsten Marie and Kara of Sprinkles and Spring at the Rachel Roy Fashion Event at Macy’s.  This was my first blogger meet up ever and it was soo awesome to finally meet the ladies I’ve only known in fashion blogging land.  It also felt really good to know that I wasn’t all alone down here in Florida! We were soo on the same wave length because we found ourselves swooning over the same things!  These ladies were so cool to hang out with! We had such a great time and we are already booked for another fashionable event next month!

This event filled with beautiful jewelry, gorgeous summer clothes, and Ms. Rachel Roy herself!  You already know I’m a big fan of hers, from recently spotlighting her spring collection as well as getting the opportunity to interview her during her Fall Fashion Event last year in Miami.  She was still as sweet and fashionable as ever and her new collection was fantastic!

I was soo in love with the next too dresses!  Not only did they look absolutely fabulous, but very accomdating for these curves of mine!  I would wear these exactly as is!  Shoes and all!

Rachel Rachel Roy

Rachel Roy Dresses

I didn’t realize how much of a blogger I was until I found myself taking notice of the lipstick and hair the models had one!  That shade of coral lipstick was beautiful!  And how cute were those braids?!  They flattered all of them and they had a perfect summer beauty look.

It was unanimous, we all loved these shoes!

We cannot leave out the accessories!  Gold seems to be the running theme, and though I’m not big on the metal, I thought the jewelry was hot!  I would make an exception for these!  Also gives me some time to plan because these babies will not be available for purchase until the Fall.

Rachel Roy Jewelry

The highlight of the event?? Kirsten winning the autographed surf board!  Minutes before her name was called we were all wondering what in the world would we all do with a surfboard??  Then when she was called as a winner we couldn’t help but laugh!  How cool was that?? Rock that surfboard girl!

Make sure you check out  Kirsten Marie and Sprinkles and Spring for more pictures from the event!!

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    • MJ says:

      You are so welcome!! It”s so awesome of her to make these trips down here to FL, a place where not a lot of designers travel to!

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