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It is very, very, very ironic that the FBFF questions this week would be about hair.  Right now, my hair and I are really not getting along.  It will be a year next month that I’ve been relaxer free and I’m extremely anxious to see my natural hair.  It’s grown out a lot and dealing with the two textures of hair is really getting on my last nerve!  Ugh!  The tangles, the shedding, the styling  – it’s driving me nuts!  So last weekend I went to get the rest of my relaxed ends cut off, thinking I only had a few more inches left.  Needless to say because I didn’t go see my regular stylist the cut did not go as I wanted it and I’ve realized that I have two completely different curl patterns going on.  So I’m debating if I should just be brave and get it cut really short or be patient this summer and try growing it out some more.

Anywho, on with the questions!

How often do you get your hair cut?

When my hair was relaxed I rarely ever cut my hair. While I’ve been transitioning, though, it’s been every three months like clockwork. My ends are chemically relaxed so they are really damaged and split very easily.  So it’s important to get them cut off as often as I can!
Do you go to the same stylist each time, try someone new, go to the cheap hair cutting chains or live it up in a salon?

I have a stylist that I absolutely adore and trust completely with my hair so I’ve been going to him for the past year.  However he can be pricey and he is all the way in Miami, which is about an hour and change drive for me.  Normally I didn’t mind the drive or spending the money but this summer I have big things planned which require me saving every penny I have.  Plus, gas has gone up considerably so I have to be conservative with my driving.  That was the reason why I tried someone new (and cheaper) this past weekend.  Needless to say I’m starting to regret it and though he may not be an option this summer, I’m trying to find someone closer who is just as good to hold me over (and fix this mess I have going on!) in the meantime!

Do you color your hair? How often? What’s your natural color?

I never colored my hair until about three years ago when I experimented with highlights.  They were really cute but it damaged my hair something serious!  So I rocked them for a year and then had to grow them out.  This past year with my stylist I’ve been getting color rinses which gives my hair a lighter, but natural brown color.  My natural hair color though is jet black.
The one thing you always do to keep your hair looking great is:

Pay attention to the products I’m using and what ingredients they have.  When my hair was relaxed, I could pretty much use any and everything.  Now that’s it’s pratically natural, my hair is very particular and the wrong product can send my hair into an itchy, shedding, and completely dried out frenzy!  I’ve become very, very aware of the ingredients that I don’t need in my hair, such as sulfates, mineral oils, petreoleum, and alcohol.  I go for products that have great stuff like olive oil, shea butter, and good old H2O!

What hair trend do you love and wish you could rock?

I’m totally obsessed with natural hair and I cannot wait until I can rock big, beautiful , curly hair.  I think it’s so fly and so edgy!  I’m trying to get through this crazy transition phase so I can try this trend!

Aren’t these hairstyles fierce??!!! Ugh! My hair needs to hurry up and grow out already! LOL

Your turn!  What’s your hair regimen?


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  1. Krystle says:

    Your hair is going to be gorgeous once it’s all grown out!! I can’t wait to see it! Good for you having the patience!! I would totally give in and relax it if I tried to do that! Way to go, lady! You’re so pretty!

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