Friend Friday: Blogging Pet Peeves

Ooh, this is going to be a good one!  Today we are talking about those things we see on a blog that makes us cringe and decreases the likelihood of us every coming back to it.  This should be an awesome learning experience for old and new bloggers alike because we can’t know what we’re doing wrong until someone points it out, right?

So here are my five blogging pet peeves:

Music playing as soon as I get on the home page

I can take just about anything else on this list except this!  A lot of times I’m not at home when I’m reading blogs and how embarrassing would it be to have music blaring out of nowhere when I visit a blog!  That makes me want to close out the window completely!  Music has its place (or had its place with MySpace) and you can turn a reader off just by the song that happens to be playing.  Remember you have only a few seconds to catch a new visitor’s attention so use it wisely (and quietly!)

Messy layout

It’s easy to want to jam pack any and every idea you’ve ever had onto your blog layout but you have to remember that someone has to a) be able to read it and b) be easy to navigate.  I don’t like to have a million navigation bars, home bars, and advertisements all over the place that it makes reading what you’re actually blogging about extremely difficult.  Have a nice title bar with a cool picture and clean sidebars where Ads, buttons, “Follow me” thingies are all together in a logical way( my personal limit is two sidebars.  Anything more than that just leaves room for more clutter),

Crazy color scheme

Now this one I was guilty of when I first started blogging.  I wanted to have this real edgy looking background so in the space for blog posts I had a black background and white letters.  (Yes! I know! Stop laughing!). My best friend looked at it and was like, “I cannot read this!”  When I changed it, it looked a whole lot better!  So now when I come across a blog that has so many colors going on, especially where your blog posts go, I’m turned off.  I really want to read your stuff but I’m not going to strain the little bit of eye sight I have left to do it! 

Making it hard to follow you

Google Reader is my lifeline to the blogging community and whenever I find a new blog that I want to keep following, I add them there.  What makes it really convenient for me is to find the little Google Reader Feed Thing right at the top, above the fold like advertisers say.  I hate when I have to search around for it or it’s simply not there at all!  Yes, I’m lazy sometimes and it takes a few extra steps to copy your URL, go to my Google Reader, and then add your subscription.  The same goes for your Twitter account, Blog Lovin, etc.  Make it easy to find!  Your future followers will thank you for it!

Beauty Info-News disguised as Beauty Reviews

When I see a beauty review I not only want to know what the product is but how the blogger felt about it.  If you just give me a laundry list of all the things this product is supposed to do (that’s most likely recycled information from the press release) what’s the point?  I can go to the company site and find that out myself.  I want to know what the blogger’s personal experience with it is.  Did the product deliver as it was supposed to?  How does it look on you?  What did it smell like?  When I’m looking into trying a new product I want to know these things!  That’s what a review is supposed to be!

Okay, my Friday rant is over!  What are your blogging pet peeves?


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18 thoughts on “Friend Friday: Blogging Pet Peeves

  1. Casee Marie says:

    Absolutely agree on all these points! Wouldn’t it be funny if everyone who participated in this week’s questions did a follow-up post admitting to how many of the points on their list they were guilty of in their first stages of blogging? I know I had a few. Cluttered layout and color scheme were probably the tops. I love everything from Rodarte to Frank Sinatra and I felt like I had to have pictures of all those things to prove it!

    I was a guilty Google Friend Connect-less blogger for a while after I moved to WordPress. I thought the only way to have it on the blog was in the big widget with the follower number and it – coincidentally – felt too cluttered for my liking. Figuring out how to add the link was a nice middle of the road!

    • MJ says:

      A follow up post would be an awesome idea! I know I was guilty of the color layout and trying to cram everything in! That would definitely be something interesting to read for a FBFF!

  2. Madison says:

    I’m not a beauty blogger, but I agree what I’d expect would be a review of how the blogger feels about the product, if they were reviewing it! lol A most recent pet peeve of mind was your #4 Making it hard to follow you, I saw a couple of new blogs this week that I loved, and there was not even a google reader, it was as if the person had deleted it, also there was no way to comment on the lovely posts that i liked.
    Good list MJ! Have a wonderful weekend. -xxoo

    • MJ says:

      I mean you would think?? I’ve come across so many beauty blogs that seemed they were just recycling a press release. A major turn off for me! Oh, making it difficult to comment is another one too! I would like to think that these bloggers just don’t know any better and hopefully our FBFF posts will help them out!

      Have an awesome weekend girl! :)

  3. Allie says:

    Hear hear re: hard to follow. Not everyone subscribes and follows in the same way. If I have to copy your URL, open Google Reader, etc. just to follow you it makes me not want to in the first place. Some like GFC, some like classic RSS, some like email, or BlogLovin, we readers want OPTIONS! :)

    Oh and hate the press releases disguised as reviews, be it for beauty, fashion, etc. So true!

    • MJ says:

      Yes it always good to give readers options – in the end we get the info the way we want it and the blogger gets increased readership!

  4. Beautifully Invisible says:

    Hmmm. I definitely share most of these (as I am sure you know! LOL) Since I’m not a beauty blogger I haven’t really run into issues with your last point, but I think it’s akin to the OOTD bloggers who essentially become walking billboards for their sponsor.

    Great answers my dear!

  5. Kimberlee says:

    haha someone used that photo as well… greatest!

    Yes, I hope bloggers see this as helpful although I’ve read that some were annoyed by this topic. I understand both sides.

    Definitely agree about #5, it can relate to anything for that matter. I don’t want to read press releases, I read blogs for the person writing them. Be authentic!

    • MJ says:

      This photo is awesome! LOL

      I can see how some can see it as a negative but it is helpful, especially for a newbie! Sometimes you need that tough love! :)

  6. vonnie says:

    yes on the making it hard to follow…i just want to click a button and be added, not go through work! most readers don’t want to hunt down and through pages to find how to contact you or how to follow. tis absurd my dear lady :)

  7. Kirstin Marie says:

    Lady, you read my mind! Great minds think alike, they say. I can’t stand it when there’s automatic music playing and when I can’t figure out how to follow! It drives me crazy!

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