Bloggers Do It Better: Welcome to Prep School

Whoo hoo!  Another Bloggers Do It Better challenge and this time I feel a whole lot better about taking on the challenge. This time we’re raiding our boyfriend’s/husband’s/brother’s closets to re-create our version of the preppy trend.  A few pieces we had to incorporate a tie, a vest, and/or a blazer.  All week I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out what to wear!  I’ve never been the preppy kinda girl.  I don’t even own a blazer (Gasp!  OMG! I know!)  Then as I was laying in bed watching Top Model Wednesday night and it hit me!   A fashion epiphany!

The whole outfit came together around my husband’s tie.  I love this tie!  The colors are so posh and elegant and my husband looks so awesome in it!  I also stole borrowed one of his button-down white shirts which I was shocked fit so perfectly.  His blazer though was a big a too big so I couldn’t use it.  But I did have a gray vest and the pencil skirt was given, because I’m always rocking pants.  Now the shoes are the highest pair I own (around 4 inches) and I’ve had this shoes for years!  I bought them at an outlet shoe store in Seacaucus, NJ and they are one of my favorite pair of shoes.  Only problem – I can only last maybe an hour or so in them!  I’ve only worn them twice and both were sit down dinners!  So I had to rock them – they rarely come out of my closet!

Prep School Look

Men's Tie

Fashion Glasses

Ya’ll, after chatting with my girl Krystle on Twitter, I just couldn’t resist the Fedora!

Black Fedora

White Button Down Shirt – Puritan

Stripped Tie – Georgio

Gray Vest – JCPenny

Pencil Skirt – Worthington

Shoes – New Twist

Fedora – Wet Seal


A special thank you to Kristina’s video on how to tie a tie!  Life Saver!

16 thoughts on “Bloggers Do It Better: Welcome to Prep School

  1. Still blonde after all these YEARS! says:

    I always like your outfits. That gray vest is so cute. You have a beautiful smile. The ones where you are messing around reading are really cute. I’d love to see a better backdrop but it was probably raining where you were too (I had to use the stairs!)
    I’d love it if you would stop by and see how a 45+ year old handles “Prep School”—you might find something to smile about anyway! See you there!

    We have $75 Dress GIveaway on our right hand sidebar. Win something for yourself!
    The Chief Blonde

    • MJ says:

      Thank you!! I wish I had a better background too! I had to take these when I got off of work and by then it starts getting dark outside. Also too, I live in the South and is down right hot outside! You melt in seconds! LOL

      I’ll definitely head over and check you out! :)

    • MJ says:

      Girl thank you!! I had a lot of fun with this one and I discovered a brand new outfit that I wouldn’t even think of putting together! My husband already knows that his shirt and tie has officially been jacked! LOL

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