Friend Friday: Outside Influences

Hey ladies!  This week’s installment of FBFF is all about what influences our style.  Other fashion blogs of course are an obvious source of inspiration but there are other places to be fashionably inspired!

What magazines do you subscribe to?
I don’t subscribe to any magazines, especially since I can find anything fashion related online.

Do you watch any fashion TV shows?
I’m a huge fan of Project Runway!  I’ve watched that show since the first season!  I love watching up and coming fashion designers take on crazy challenges and see their creativity unfold into a fashion outfit.  I can’t sew a button to save my life so I get to live vicariously through the people on the show.  Heidi Klum is awesome and yes, the drama on the show can be entertaining!  I also like America’s Next Top Model, though these past few seasons have been pretty blah to me.  I like to watch the reruns of old seasons on the weekends!

Beyond blogs, what websites do you frequent for fashion inspiration?

I like looking through designer lookbooks online, like Rachel Roy and DVF.  The collections are stunning and I always get a ton of ideas.  I also like going to the websites of my favorite stores and see their New Trends sections.  You can catch me on sites like New York and Company, Newport News, and Ashley Stewart.  I get a better idea of how their clothes are put together so when I go shopping, it’s easy to recreate the look.  To stay on top of trends I’m usually on sites like Instyle and ELLE.

Rachel Roy

Rachel Rachel Roy Lookbook Newport News


Newport News


Advertisements play a huge role in forming public opinion about a product or brand… what ads do you like and why?

One of my favorite ads right now has to be the H&M ads.  I love their choice of music and the outfits they display are awesome.  Then after watching the commercial I get a tad depressed because there isn’t an H&M down here in South Florida.  The last time I was in their store was a few years ago on one of my trips back to NYC.  Let me stop because I’m feeling sad already…

Do you own any fashion books?

I only own one fashion book and it’s the Nina Garcia’s Look Book:  What to Wear for Every Occasion that I won in a contest.  It’s a very practical book that gives you tips on what to wear and how to wear it for every occasion in life – from a job interview to a attending a wedding.  She breaks everything down really simple with do’s and don’ts and even addresses how your hair and makeup should be.  It’s such a handy book to have around – almost like a fashion dictionary.

Where do you find your inspiration outside of blogs?


Photos courtesy: New York and Company, Rachel Roy,

12 thoughts on “Friend Friday: Outside Influences

  1. gen321 says:

    I guess I am old school. I view alot of lookbooks online and check out alot of styles on retailer websites like you, but there is just something about a magazine. I like to study a look and go back to it. I feel like I can get a better visual of a style or trend, on glossy paper. IDK. *shrug*

    • MJ says:

      I totally understand what you mean! I’m like that with reading books so I’m relunctant to read anything on a Kindle or a Nook. I like actually having the book physically in my hand.

  2. Courtney says:

    I used to LOVE Project Runway, but, to be honest, I haven’t watched it since it left Bravo.

    I like the Nina Garcia book–I’ve looked at it in Barnes and Noble a few times but have yet to buy it.

    • MJ says:

      Project Runway isn’t all that bad on Lifetime but I do miss it on Bravo though!

      The Nina Garcia book is really cute and very handy when I have no idea what to wear to something.

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