Fierce OOTD: The Mommy’s Day Edition

Happy Mother’s Day to all you ladies who are awesome moms and I hope your day yesterday was extra special! I had a spectacular day with Mom yesterday!  After helping her get all dolled up with the makeup goodies I bought her, we chatted over coffee at Starbucks, paid a visit to my grandma and aunty, and finished the night at Applebee’s along with my brother and sister.

To keep the mommy spirit going, I’ll be featuring her today! Along with her super cute outfit that she wore yesterday, here are five reasons why my mom is so awesome!


She is the most organized and thorough person I know!  Whenever she is in charge of something you can expect with 110% certainty that things will go smooth!  I’m lucky to have someone that I can depend on no matter what!

Her creative genes and craftsmanship totally skipped over me!  Her work is amazing and one of these days I will get my mom her own HGTV or Martha Stewart-type of show!  (remember all those awesome things she made for my wedding?)

There is never a challenge too great for her.  I gain so much of my strength just trying to get to her level!

I can talk to her about absolutely anything and we talk…a lot!  She is the ultimate BFF because she knows me the best!

She makes the best tuna salad! (So mom does that mean you make me some now? Please?? :))


My Wedding April 2010

 Muah! Love you mom!

 Dress:  Unknown (we’re trying hard to remember!)

Jewelry:  Gift from me

Brown Sandals: Payless


How was your Mother’s Day?  Do anything special?

6 thoughts on “Fierce OOTD: The Mommy’s Day Edition

  1. Krystle says:

    Girl, you look just like your mom!! This is a great post and I love that you featured a look of hers in it!! I guess the creative gene did NOT skip you! ;)

    • MJ says:

      I know! Everybody knows off the top she’s my mom when they meet her! Girl, I can creatively put a post together but if you ask me to sew, glue, and build something, I can’t help yah! LOL

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