Bloggers Do It Better: The White-Out Trend

Today I’m participating in Pretty Shiny Sparkly’s Blogger’s Do It Better event where we all take the latest trend and recreate it with our own style and flair.  We’re doing the White Out Trend and this looked waay easier than it was!  There was a time I owned a ton of white clothes but over the years I slowly swapped them out for more colorful threads.  So I’m standing in front of my closet with only a few white items to choose from and I’m really trying to get my remix creativity on!

I was finally able to put this outfit together and I’ll be honest, I’m not totally in love with it.  The skirt was actually one my Grandmother had made for me because she had a few that I liked so she got me one of my own.  As a matter of fact it’s the only part of the outfit I’m really feeling and after this fashion exercise I need to find the right top to rock with it.  But for now, I just used this white top I always wear and added the belt because my waist needed some serious definition.  The rest of my accessories just took cues from the belt and I saved the pop of color for my beauty look.

Like I said, this isn’t my best but at least I gave it a shot! :)

 White Out Trend

White Shirt:  Rainbow

Lace trimmed Skirt:  Custom Made

Sandals:  Payless

Belt: Rainbow

Studded Hoop Earrings: Payless

Necklaces: Charlotte Russe and Rainbow

Bracelet:  Belk

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