Celebrating My One Year Wedding Anniversary

*This post is picture heavy! :)

Yesterday was my one year wedding anniversary and I can’t believe how time is flown!  It seems like your wedding day can never come fast enough and then once its over, time just whizs bye!  For today’s post I wanted to share some of the professional photos  that I didn’t get a chance to share last year (I was waay too excited to wait on them!).  It has been an awesome year and when I look back at my big day, it was perfect and I had such a great time!  However, I’ll probably won’t be doing a big affair like this again! LOL  My mom and I basically planned the entire wedding ourselves and after two years of planning, stress, and bouts of giddiness, this is what I remembered the most:

Wedding Flowers

My mom was up at 5am the day of the wedding putting together all the flowers, boutonniere, and corsages.  She was super mom because they came out gorgeous!

I thought I was would be a nervous wreck on the wedding day but I was probably the calmest one in my house that morning!

Wedding Rings

My hair stylist just happened to  be woman who altered my wedding dress.  She did an awesome job!

I’m wearing the same veil my mom wore for her wedding.


Wedding Jewelry

My wedding dress was one I wasn’t really crazy about  – until I tried it on!  I admit, I almost shed a tear!

I absolutely loved the bridesmaids dresses!  I wanted to get one myself!

Wedding party


It was hot during the ceremony!  Thank goodness it didn’t last longer than an hour.

Wedding dress

Everyone loved the cake!  No one knew it was from Sam’s! ;)

We totally forgot to make a throw away bouquet so I just grabbed one of the cake toppers (that my mom made!) instead!  Crisis averted!

Wedding Cake

My husband and I barely ate at the reception so afterwards we hit up Taco Bell and tore it up!

We honeymooned where all big kids go!  Disney World! :)

Honeymoon in Disney World

Are any of ladies married (or about to be?) What did you remember most on your day (or what are you realling looking forward to?)

8 thoughts on “Celebrating My One Year Wedding Anniversary

  1. Krystle says:

    WOWWWWW!!! STUNNING!! You are honestly one of the most stunning, beautiful brides I have EVER seen!! {don’t tell any of my friends I said this, haha} I’m serious every. single. part. gorg. Your dress looks great, the decor is pretty, the scenery… it’s all absolutely perfect!! And I love that you were at peace on the day of. AND that you went to Taco bell! :)

    Happy Anniversary, gorgeous couple!!


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