Fierce for a Cause: An Aveda Water Warrior

We all know its Earth Month and though we are (and we should!) be finding ways to be Green in our country, we can’t forget those who are less fortunate and can’t even get the basic necessities that the Earth has to offer.  Here’s a disturbing fact:

In developing nations, more than 4,000 children die each day from preventable conditions like diarrhea, due to unsafe drinking water. A person in a country such as the US will, on average, use more than 40 gallons of water to take just one, leisurely bath. Yet someone living in a developing nation may have access to less than eight gallons of water each day for all of their daily needs. In developing countries 70 percent of industrial waste and 80 percent of all waste is dumped untreated into waters where they pollute the usable water supply.

Its reading things like this that makes me realize 1:  How good we have it in this country and 2: how the world is suffering and it needs our help.  That’s why I’m helping the good folks at Aveda spread the word and raise money for Global Greengrants Funds water related projects and support those who need help in Japan.

Aveda Light the Way CandleHow you can help is real simple.  You can:

  1. Go to Aveda Facebook page  and check out their  Light the Way™ soy wax candle.  It features organic French lavender (a great stress relieving aroma).  For $12, you can take this candle home and 100% of the proceeds goes to Global Greengrants Funds. (make sure you use the code “yahooshine” so they know I sent you!)
  2. Check into the Check-in for H20 Tab on the Aveda Facebook page  and Aveda will donate $1 on your behalf

Remember every little bit helps!  :)

Photo courtesy of Aveda

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